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Purrsonality development

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Ella is a Katrina survivor who spent 3+ years in shelter cages, not being adopted due to her nose.

So, where did she get the great purrsonality?

The longer she stays with us, the nicer she gets. She wants attention; she loves to be petted. She plays like a kitten. She bedevils the other boys, wanting to play with them.

And 3 years of this love was lost, sitting in a cage.
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I know. Soooo sad. But so glad that the story has such a good ending!! At least she wasn't euth'd.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
I know. Soooo sad. But so glad that the story has such a good ending!! At least she wasn't euth'd.
What matters is she is safe and happy now.
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That's a great story

Nice to be able to give one a new chance and a home.

I often wonder about my recue torti, Kasey, that I took from one of our company's sites almost a year ago where she had "lived" for the lat 8 or so years.

She did not get the best of food all the time, some people there liked her, many didn't and she got "kicked around". All that quit in May 2008.

Now she lives as an indoor cat who is extremely friendly and loves attention; follows me around like she's on a short leash.

You do wonder how they retain this sort of temprement, given their history.
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How is Ella's nose doing these days?

When we got Carly from a rescue, we saw that her tail just hung and she had no control over it. Through a trip to the vet, we found out that she had suffered earlier in her life some severe break to her back leg and damage to the back which caused the tail problems. The Vet also said that she probably didn't have any medical treatment. We finally amputated the tail so she wouldn't accidentally hurt herself again. Yet, this is the sweetest most loving cat.
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She still scratches her nose every so often. Just when we think we're making progress, a new scratch (or two, or more) appears.
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Wow.. that's a resilient girl you have there. How fulfilling it must be to witness her transformation & becoming who she was meant to be: a happy kitty!
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Isn't it amazing their capacity to move on with life. She sounds like a honey of a cat...your win just as much as hers!
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