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Sr cat abaonded by owner dies MONDAY AM

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Please crosspost
Chatsworth, GA - Owners dump grieving senior kitty. PTS Monday! Shelter says she's "precious"


Please use contact information below please do not hit reply to respond. I am only cross-posting.

Thank you very much our networking is saving lives!!

Please help...senior kitty!

040409 013 - Sweetie senior kitty was left behind when her owners moved away suddenly. She is friendly and nice. Please don't leave this precious kitty to die at the shelter alone.

This very sweet kitty was held over a week from the PTS list, because she is so precious. She is set to be PTS THIS Mon a.m, 4/20, at the high-kill Murray County Shelter in Chatsworth, GA!! (They are just north of Atlanta, and just south of Chattanooga , TN ). Please help her live!!

NOTE: The kitty must have a rescue lined up ASAP, but can stay at the shelter a couple days longer if needed. Free transport to Atlanta provided. + transport to the Northeast is available.
*NOTE: If you are not able to provide rescue but can donate sponsor $$ for the senior kitty, please go to www.paypal.com, click on the "send money" tab on the home page and enter the shelter's account, murrayshelter@bellsouth.net. In the dialogue box, indicate that this is a donation for the injured kitty.
*Please email or call ASAP, as the shelter will not hold this kitty past Monday morning, 4/20. Your rescue help is very much appreciated!
Lisa Hester, (volunteer) lisakhester@bellsouth.net, 770-441-0329

Or Email Joanie, (volunteer) at: rescue_angel_7@yahoo.com (at yahoo.com)
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Have you checked for rescue groups located in the state? I believe the Best Friends website has a link that will list all the rescue groups in an area.

Have you called local vet offices and asked if they know of any "Crazy Cat Ladies" ? That would be those of us that rescue and are NOT associated with an organized group.

Sometimes asking the vet techs if they or someone they know will foster the cat until a home can be found.

Can you take her in as a foster until a forever home can be found or until a rescue group can be found? She will be fine isolated in a bedroom for awhile, she is in a cage now so a bedroom will work for her.

What about the volunteers you listed.....can't one of them take her in a bedroom while the search for a rescue group or home is in the works?
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