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Are dogs the same as cats in regards indoor accidents?

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Do they keep doing it around the house unless you get a cleaner with enzymes or are they different then cats? I ask because my neighbor has a dog he is very upset with lately, he will bite strangers and now is having accidents inside the house and since he is an old school trucker type he has no issues with getting abit physical with a dog, rubbing his face in the mess even though I tell him that accomplishes nothing. He was given to him last year at 10 years of age I fear this is end of line for the dog soon so I thought I would ask if enzyme cleaner is a basic must do.
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Yes. I use PetZyme to remove my dogs stains when he has an accident. It doesn't happen often and it's usually either 1) my fault (i.e. sleeping late and ignoring his pleas to go out, or 2) medical... he had a shot the other day for an ear infection that caused him to drink more and have to pee more, and this caused issues with my work hours... I had to get my father to come let him out in the mid-morning.

Your neighbor should take the dog to a vet first to rule out medical issues. It may just be age related-- just like people, older dogs have incontinence issues.
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I'm honestly not sure if it is the smell or that habit of the place. I have a dog with a sensitive stomach who has bowel problems a couple times a year. Even though I use enzyme cleaner on the spots, he always returns to the same 2 spots. He's even revisited spots after I've had the flooring replaced, so I know there wasn't residual smell. But he definitely needs to use enzyme cleaner, if nothing else to get the smell out of his house.

Sounds like the owner could use some dog training. I swear its more for the owners than for the dog.
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What the owner is doing is not working. They need to take the dog to the vet for bloodwork and also to check for a UTI. See if there is any medical reasons for the bad behaviors, just in case. Then clean the whole house with a specific product for removing urine.
Then start house training like he is a puppy again. They need to be trained not to use violence to train bathroom habits, obviously, it does not work and in many dogs causes more problems. Obviously, if the dog is biting, there is way more factors that are coming into play that he needs to figure out. I suggest consulting a behaviorist to help give him ideas on how to properly train and communicate with his dog.
This story makes me very sad
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Yes, a dog will continue to revisit a spot again and again, if it isn't thoroughly removed. He may have initially had the accident as an accident simply because he was home too long, and then because it wasn't thoroughly removed, the 'accidents' can become a habit.

He has to get back to the basics, and take the dog out every couple of hours, and reward him for doing the right thing, rather than disciplining for the wrong thing.
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In some ways dogs are similar to cats, in that they like to pee where they have peed before, and inappropriate elimination can also be caused by a UTI. However, if health problems have been ruled out, I would go back to housetraining basics 101, just as if you are training a puppy. Do not leave the dog unsupervised (crate when the dog cannot be watched), take out every few hours, praise for using potty outside, etc.

But from the description of the dog also having aggression issues, I would advise your friend to get the dog vet checked and if health problems are ruled out, to contact a good trainer who does not believe in dominance theory (because its ridiculous and makes things worse, IMO) and instead trains using positive reinforcement (positive does not mean permissive!).
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