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I was just reading the inappropriate "read here first" behaviour thread and this part made me giggle..

Here’s an idea, find an old armchair at a garage sale and let that be the designated scratching chair. Smear catnip on the sides so the cats know they can scratch there, hang toys all over it and let this chair be the Cat’s chair. Or take an old wooden step stool and tie toys to it, and give it to your cat as a scratching post present.

We did this when we moved to our house. Well we brought the old two seater that Winston has demolished and placed it in the front room as the "cats sofa" (Murphy don't scratch furniture, he uses the scratch hotel post thing)
Oh Winston still uses the "cat sofa" as his own scratch pad, but he's also taken great delight in looking me smack in the eye and going for the corner of our new sofas! I swear, I almost see him smile whilst he's doing it too. He'll sit there, look at the sofa, then to me, put one paw up, I'll say NO, then he uts the other paw up, does that back arch thing (all the time looking at me) until I stand up and say NO, then he'll run off like its a game and come back 2 mins later to start again!
This morning I heard this odd sound, looked down the back of the sofa, there he is, happy as Larry, laying on his side ... pulling him self along the back of the sofa with all four sets of claws. CATS!! Put on this earth to drive me mad lol.

Time to go get the double sided sticky tape me thinks.