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Hi everyone - I joined this site last week and have already received some really great advice. One quick question. I want to post pics but I can't seem to figure out how to get them small enough to post. I cropped as much as I could (without cropping Boo out) - is there something else I can do?
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Hi Lisa, and welcome! Check out How to Post Pictures for fairly detailed instructions for resizing photos, and for instructions for how to post from another website like Image Station (It's free to join and have pictures there!).
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I too am having trouble with adding pictures to the post. Oh well they don't call me Blondiecat for nothing.

Anywho Welcome to the boards. Hopefully we will get this thing fiqured out soon. My boys Sammycat and Oscar wants to say hello to everyone.
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Just wanted to welcome you both to the boards! If you haven't heard yet or figured it out on your own, this place is really addicting!

If you guys need help with the pictures, just let me know. I'm not a pro or anything, but I can help you the best I can!
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board!

I'm here if you need any help posting pictures as well.
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Welcome to the board! Look at some of Blondiecat's threads and mine and you'll see multiple instructions on how to post pictures. I even posted a thread in the General Forum area.

It still takes a bit to figure it out, but once you've got it, it feels great!
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Welcome!!!!! To TCS Ya'lls will love it here
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Thanks everyone - I do love this site. I'm still having problems posting pics even the website I was given gave me problems. I will try once more this weekend, if I don't have success, I would appreciate it if someone could fix a couple pics for me. I have to buy a new camera before I get my second kitten - then I'll have tons of kitty pics.
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Hi and welcome to the board!!!
Hope to see you arround
Greetings from Simba'sMom
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Welcome! I had trouble posting a picture a few days ago but finally got it to work. Don't ask me how! But when I was composing the message and then would check the length, I would get an error that my message was too long. The next day I tried sending the same thing and it went through. Go figure!

Tammie & Peaches
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