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Fighting sisters

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I wanted to adopt a loving bonded pair...but instead I got two fighting sisters. No matter I love them both.

I know that cats fighting is no big deal and I've read that it's often play fighting and up until now I've stayed out their way. Occassionally I will say something when it gets too rough.

They often bite each other, kick, lots of pawing, sometimes I see claws, and recently, I've heard some hissing. I've had them for a month and they are about 7 months old. When not fighting they stalk each other. They are not particularly affectionate with each other and kinda do their own thing. When one is on my lap, the other is elsewhere and they will alternate their time with me. Very rarely, I'll have both of them relaxing together with me. They do eat and will play with me together.

Is what I've described pretty normal? Should I step in when it gets very rough? I'm afraid they will hate each others guts by adulthood.

One sister, Josie is the dominant one and often the instigator. Dory is much more passive but she gets in a few flying attacks herself. Mostly, she wants Josie to leave her alone.
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I'd keep an empty can with coins in it to shake if it gets too rough (the sound will startle them out of it).

But there are a couple of things you can try....

Are they both spayed? If not, they need to be. That make help them calm down.

I'd also consider Feliway spray (or the plug-ins). It is a synthetic hormone that mimics the "friendly" markers in cats' cheeks. It helps create a "calmer" atmosphere. (It was designed to help stop cats from peeing outside the litter box though, so just make sure not to spray it anywhere near litter boxes - or, actually, scratching posts).

Do you have much vertical space for them? If not, consider some cat trees. Having a place to go "up" can really help with kitties that need to establish dominance. Don't know if you live in your own home, but things like this are easy to make on your own: http://www.katwallks.com/customerphotos.htm

You can also work on getting them to associate "good things" with each other. When they're near each other and not fighting, give them treats. Rub each of them all over with one rag for one, one rag for the other. Have "alone" play sessions with each (we did that by taking one kitty in a room and closing the door, and playing for 10 - 20 minutes or so). At the end of the play session, put treats down on the rag that was rubbed on the other kitty.

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Yep, check on the spaying, feliway and cat tree. I play with them in the evening with the feathers and ribbons. And I give them treats together after playing.

They're not fighting tonight but I think it's because they're getting re-sick
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