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Saturday!!What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Cool and rainy here today.

Heading off to work at 12 for a few hours then going grocery shopping afterwards.

Nothing special planned for this evening, may pick up a movie or just head to bed early. Didn't sleep to great last night, sneezed most of it due to allergies. Oh ya have also stop by the drugstore and pick up something for those as well..

The kitties are robin watching there's about 7 of them out in the front yard hunting worms.

Everyone have a great day
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Lazy Saturday morning...just finished a cup of tea, Kitty is resting in his bed...I'm trying to gear up to go for a walk/run - it's gorgeous outside! Then off to work for the evening.
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I have to work at 9am and i get off around 1pm so i will head to the barn to take care of my ponies, feed the barn cats and then feedthe cat i am cat sitting for. If i get home in time and i am not exhausted i might do some homework. Hope everyone has a good day!
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We got up super late! So I am brewing some coffee. Josh is going to a meeting in a bit. I am going to clean and make dinner while he is gone. (Dinner in the crockpot)

Maybe rent a movie tonight!
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I just got out of the shower and as soon as I'm ready to go I'm heading to a store to get a card and going with my mom and sister out to eat and then to a baby shower. After that I have no clue yet.
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I'm doing my laundry today, then I'll be having an early dinner at my parents. Beautiful day today, so I may sit out on the porch and enjoy the weather while I read. Tonight, I'll probably watch a movie or something once I get home.
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Just woke up about an hour ago. Slept real late today. I couldn't believe how late I slept when I woke up. I'm hoping that the rest will kick this cold out of me. I've sick for almost a week now.

Need to finish cleaning the apartment today. Maybe if I'm feeling better I'll do a short workout on the Wii Fit. Not doing much of anything else. Out to dinner with the fiance tonight.
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Had some grocery shopping and a trip to the pharmacy this morning. Now I am sitting here waiting for the OTC pain med to take affect on my back. Ouch.
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I intended to sleep late, but the kitties had other ideas. So, I played with them for about an hour, then took a shower. As soon as my hair gets dry I'll head over to the church to practice my organ music for tomorrow. Then I'll sleep for 2-3 hours this afternoon before going to work 7PM-7AM.
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I drove home from State College, PA this morning. I was at Happy Valley, lol! My friend and I went to watch the 'Music as a Weapon IV' concert, which was, BTW, awesome! My throat is still sore this afternoon, lol. Beautiful 3 hour drive home!
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I am still in the process of moving and I really hate it. Everything hurts, my legs, back and arms. My new furniture arrived yesterday but I have not actually moved in yet. It may not be until the 1st of the month. By then I'll be unconscience, lol. I never want to move again. Sooo my Saturday has not been the greatest.
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Well I got up about 4:47 am and coughed for a half hour..... and then slept until 7 am!

Got two loads of laundry out on clothesline before heading to work 9-3.

Picked up some groceries and we will be starting the firepit shortly to grill out for dinner.

Not sure what else-still tired from being sick so probably another early night in bed for me!
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