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New cat owner!

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Hello, I adopted a cat and I am having problems. The cat is currently under my china cabinet and I am unsure what to do.When the cat previously went under my dresser, I stuck a broomstick under the dresser and he came out.The only problem is he was more agitated and more aggresive.I realize now that this wasn't the right thing to do.

My first question to you is what should I do to removal him from my dresser?
My second question to you is what should i do to calm him ?
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Yeah, the broomstick thing - not good. First - leave him be. Make sure, wherever the cat is hiding that food, water and litter box are easily accessible. Wait til he comes out and is calm -- Then --- If you can sequester him in a smaller room (spare bedroom, bathroom) and keep him there for a few days until he adjusts to his new surroundings you will have a better time of it and so will he.

He is already very stressed out by the sound of your description.

Also, if need be, try a Feliway diffuser. That may help calm him.
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As long as there is nothing under the china cabinet that might hurt him, leave him there. For now that's his safe place. Put food and water close by, and a litter box not too far away but not right next to the food. I actually pushed a small towel under the china cabinet so my kitten wouldn't have to lay on the cold tile. She's 2 years old now and still likes to sleep under there occasionally.

Sit on the floor and talk to him, or read a book out loud, something to get him used to the sound of your voice in a non-threatening environment. Make sure he doesn't have to go past you to get to the food or litter box. He may wait to until you go to bed to come out and eat.

Where did you get the cat? How old is he? Did you get any information on his personality? Even if he is a normally friendly cat it may take him a few days to start trusting you. Just don't rush him. Let him come to you in his own time.
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I wanted to thank you both for the advice.It took me a while, but he finally came out from under the cabinet.I put him in a smaller room instead of him wandering all over the basement.
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post

Where did you get the cat?
I got him from the spca, He was a stray.

How old is he?
He about five month.
Did you get any information on his personality?
Not really, he didn't come with any history.
Even if he is a normally friendly cat it may take him a few days to start trusting you. Just don't rush him. Let him come to you in his own time
Thank for the advice, I follow your advice about sitting next to him and reading.Reading to him seem to relax him a little bit.
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Our first shelter cat hid for many days in the basement. It took about 2 weeks for her to really become part of the family. Of course she had a very traumatic experience, she stopped of at the Vet's for a spay...

She eventually came out on her own, for food, too check things out,... she was the best cat we ever had.

Try not to extract your new kitty from a hiding place unless it is necessary for his health or safety. they will coem out for water, food or to use the 'facilities' eventually. maybe while you're asleep. Don't make too much of a fuss when he does come out. coax him talk to him nicesly or offer a treat/toy, but don't force him to be friendly. Give him space and he will probably come around...
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Good. Just give him time and be patient and gentle. Don't force yourself on him. Allow him out of the smaller room on HIS time. He can come out to explore your basement and then use the smaller room as his safe place. Eventually, he will want to explore everything. And I bet he will come around in no time.

Remember he is in a strange place. He doesn't know you or your intentions. New human, smells, sights, sounds.

A big open space is scary when it is new. That is why he was hiding. Some cats are very confident. You open the carrier, they climb out and within minutes it's like they have always been in the home. Some cats - as you have found - are NOT like that.
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What I did with my ferral cat was lay on the floor and play solitare. I'd bring in a few treats and toss them his way. Get down on the floor to his level and be patient. Do everything slow. No quick movements. Be gentle and quiet and talk to him. Start playing with a string with him while you are on the floor. Soon he will get used to the program and eventually you will have a nice little companion. But be aware, it takes time. Took me nine months to tame him down. Good luck. Its worth it.
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I want to thank everyone for their advice.I didn't realize that this was a new situation for him.

If you don't mind I do have another question about nutrition.I was reading around on the forum and notice that you don't recommend grains in cat foods.I use Science Diet which use grain as a second ingredient is that consider bad. If it isn't good for cats, can you suggest other brand or even homemade recipes. I am on a budget, so the cheaper the better.

Also is their any other advice you could give me about cat care.
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Science Diet isn't considered one of the "best" foods, for the reasons you noted. However, having said that, it's what our cats eat. Mainly because it's all Punkin will eat. Very stubborn. The other cats would eat whatever I put down, but not Punkin.

What you want is for the first ingredient to be a meat, not meat byproducts. There are a lot of guidelines, but keep in mind that I have known cats to live long, healthy lives eating store brand food. In fact, my brother's cat just died at 16 years old, and the BEST she ever had was Purina Cat Chow.

Someone will chime in with the exact name, but I believe there is a store brand at PetSmart that is the same as one of the better brands.

SD is getting pricey, too!

Also, the more your cat eats wet food (same guidelines), the less likely he is to have urinary blockages and crystals.
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