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Well, that was easy

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I just picked up a new scale so that I can keep track of my kitties' weights. My other 3 kitties are suspicious of the scale and I had to use treats to convince them to stand still on the scale long enough to weigh them. I didn't have that problem with Tiny though. As soon as I pulled the scale out of the box, she plopped down on it ready to be weighed.

Tonight, when I went to weigh them for a second time now that the scale is properly out of the box and in its new location on my desk. As soon as I started weighing the other kitties, Tiny hopped up and deposited herself on the scale again. She stayed up there for about 10 minutes until I finally quit petting her and wandered into the next room.

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Nice to have at least one cooperative kitty

but I can't see your pics
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I sure wish I had Tiny's enthusiasm getting on the scale at my doctors Tiny sounds like quite a character

I can't see your pics either
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Sorry about that. Don't know what happened with the pics exactly. Here they are from photo bucket.

Tiny climbed on the scale as soon as I unpacked it:

And she hopped up on the desk and plopped down on it last night:
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She must be thinking ... What a nice kitty bed you bought me, Daddy! It has spring action!!
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She is so cute in the pictures.

I had to get a scale because I have one losing and the other two gaining. Carly loves the scale and I have a hard time because I have to keep moving her off while I put the other ones on it. Taring the scale is fun also as she will get on it before it has reset to zero.
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Aw, Tiny. What a nice bed you have there. It looks so comfortable! It's funny how cats like to sleep on metallic objects.
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Too cute! I'm glad Tiny thinks it's a new bed and not a scary contraption!
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Just showing you how wasteful and so NOT clever humans are compared to cats!!!

Tiny, you cutie pie.. thanks for making me laugh!!
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