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Protein and Fat for "senior" Cats

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What percentages of Calories from protein and fat would be ideal in a dry food for "senior" cats? How much protein and fat is too much?
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I try to keep a senior under 32% protein in a DRY food and under 20% fat also keep the phosphorus under .9 and calcium under 1.0% some keep phos under .7

wet food the protein high is fine as the moisture aids digestion
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Any suggestions of dry foods that meet that criteria?

The cats' current food, Purina Indoor dry, isn't looking so bad anymore...sounds like it might be better for them than, say, Wellness Core or Evo. Go figure...after spending so much time looking into fancy high protein low grain dry foods, I find out it's the opposite of what they need
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I had success with nutro s max ... yup it is in the middle ( solid premium with two grains )
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well, Sharky is our resident food expert, however, I will say from experience that I have fed Blue Buffalo Spa Select Mature formula which has 32% protein and 15% fat. I'm not sure about the phosphorus or calcium because it is not on the guaranteed analysis profile, but I will say that it is a far cry better food than Purina Indoor Dry simply because the protein that they use is from real meat (chicken) and fish, NOT by-products (beaks, feet, etc.) or corn. IMHO, while Evo or another high protein, low-carb food might not be BEST for a senior cat, there are definitely other foods that have better ingredients than Purina indoor.

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