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Pleading and pleading with me

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So this woman has a cat she can't afford to take to the vet. It's a older kitten who has had a re-occuring wound on it's tail.

She keeps pleading with me to take her...and I honestly don't know what to do. She says she is planning on taking it in to be euthanized...

I would take it in, but I'm afraid it's got FelV/leukemia... And i really have no way to take her in and isolate her anywhere...there is absolutely no room. None in the house or garage, and the yard has no shelter and strays running around.

Any suggestions?
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Would this woman let the kitten stay with her until she gets vaccinated and tested? Maybe the kitty doesn't have FelV/leukemia. If she does there might be rescue groups in the area that take care of these special needs kitties.

In any case, I'm sending vibes that this kitty ends up living a long happy life.
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Yea, she says not, I have no idea why I do not want this kitten killed though...I feel compelled to try to help in some way.
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She won't even keep the kitten a few days more? Does she know that she'll probably have to pay a fee to surrender the kitty to a shelter? If she just lets the kitty stay a few days after you get her vaccinated and tested then it won't cost this woman a dime.
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I honestly don't know...Here is a copy of the interaction:


Were you still planning on taking Pearl? I can't keep her, and I have nowhere to take her, my options are getting slim. I really hate to have to take her to get euthenized, but thats where all this is heading. I have never had that done before, but I have no other choice...Not to put any pressure on you, I just need to know, so I can figure out what I have to do.. Thanks, XXXX

Can you tell me why you can't keep her? I can't take her into my home until I know for sure she doesn't have Feline leukemia. I can pay to have her tested, but I can't expose her to my animals...

I am pregnant, don't have the money to seek her medical attention. I would have when I first got her, but I got layed off my job last month. Im sure she has nothing contagious, my other kitty is fine, and have no other problems.

I can pay for the medical stuff, just not house her until I'm clear on the situation.
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So I was just emailed by a friend who knows about this situation and she linked me to where this woman is trying to get rid of this same cat on craigslist....Telling people her 'wound' isn't contagious.

So frustrating. I offer to pay for the vet bill, and if the blood test is negative, I'll take her, and am only asking this lady to house her for a couple more days.

Unbelievable....GRRRR! Why do I even bother?!
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People are .

She obviously doesn't really care about the animal and just wants it gone. Heck ... that "wound" could be ringworm and then everyone will get it.
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I am so sick and tired of women who use pregnancy as an excuse not to be responsible for the pets THEY picked out. What does that say about their potential as a mother? It's pathetic. Will they get rid of their child when they decide to get a dog? No.

It sounds to me like despite what this lady claims in her email that she is pressuring you. Perhaps you'd be willing to take her child too? If she can't afford to have the cat properly vetted how will she pay her doctor's bills? (Don't even get me started on socialized medicine.)

As hard as it is, it might be in your best interest to walk away from this situation. The lady's been less that honest with you about what's going on and she can't possibly know if the cat is Feluk or FIV positive without a test. Those symptoms don't show up for years in some cases. If you can't isolate the cat to be certain you'd run a big risk for your other cats, as you stated in your post. Her email gives me bad vibes.
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