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All right! I give up! Where are they?

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Where, oh where, have our moderators gone? First, Blue up and vanishes; and now, Debby is nowhere to be found. Does anybody out there know where they went? Are either of them in some kind of difficulty?

Talk about the Mr. Cat Curse! I sent Blue a compact disk (see the thread "Music Exchange") last week. Did she ever get it? Who knows? She vanished. I sent Debby a compact disk today. Now she's gone as well.

Mind, if there's something serious going on here I sure wish somebody would tell us about it! Communication is something we need more, not less, of. And, since they're both moderators, one assumes they'd be here at some point during the day. But they're not.

Information, please!


P.S.: Even Giulietta Masina has climbed a pole to look for them.
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I was wondering what happened to them as well Joe. I believe Kate (Blue) was moving, so maybe thats why she yhasn't been on. I know that she has had her hands full lately. As for Debby, your guess is as good as mine.
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Mr.Cat & Everyone

i am here. i have been having problems with my internet connection,
and my heart... my mind.

i was able to get on late today, but, i had no idea of what to say,
how to say what i want to say, and on & on & on.


i am here, i'm alive.

i havent recieved your c.d. as of yet, i'll let you know when i do.

i was supposed to spend my birthday with my sister & brother in Victoria,
but, she couldnt get the time off, and decided the beginning of July would
be better, i'll be there July.6th to 13th, she is taking me to a concert.


i'm not moving until September. i wish it were sooner, but, i will have to wait.

'exit 75, i'm still alive'
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So, there you are! I'm glad you're still with us. I was concerned, due to your unusually-long silence. Debby has now invoked the cloaking device, so we'll just have to be patient and wait for her to re-appear.

The postal services are sure taking their time in delivering that compact disk to you. Well, at least it's not perishable!

Thanks, Blue, for surfacing long enough to send us an "I'm alive!" message. I hope all's well with you!

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i'm sure Debby is fine, i checked her profile and she posted yesterday,
so, she has only been absent a day which isnt unusual for her.

dont worry, sweet one.

things arent alright with me, but, i think they will be.

if i am absent a little more then normal, dont worry, i'm just taking
some time for myself, figuring some things out.

Deb25 & MeowMan

accept my apologies, i know it's been awhile since i've emailed, know
that i'll be emailing you soon.


so happy to see you back, sweetheart, i got your IM and i thank you so much !

and no i am not upset, silly ! i'll write you.

i want to talk to you soon.

hopefully i'll be online more tomorrow so i can check the forums and
see what i missed, i look forward to seeing how everyone is.

take care

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I know that Debby has been away for a week or so last week because she wasn't well. She's back though and like blue said, she's been posting almost daily.

Kate - I hope everything's okay. Just stick around and I promise you'll feel better
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Joe....I am here!!!!!! I was on Tuesday, then not on wednesady, but now I am back!!! I can't WAIT to get your CD!!!! Thank you for missing me!!!!!!!! But really...I am okay....sometimes I can't be on every night, but I get online as often as I can!!!!! Thanks for caring!
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You have been missed, but don't rush yourself. I am as busy as I can be, as well. I thought things would calm down after the move, but no such luck. My 2 graduate classes this summer have me hopping. One is a lot of reading and studying, which I expected. The other has more damn assignments than you can shake a stick at. I am feeling very overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes I wonder how I manage all this stuff. Then I read about things like Debby's troubles with hubby and all of Darlene's troubles, and I feel like an idiot for not counting my blessings. Even if I haven't posted to everyone's threads lately, be assured that I have read them, and I pray for each of you every day.
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Oh Thank you Deb....and I hope you know how much you mean to all of us, too! I feel like you all are my family! I have talked to catarina and to Airprincess on the phone, more than once, and airprincess (colby) tells me how she talks to TLK (darlene) on the phone...and it just seems like we all were destined to meet and become friends.....I love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know I haven't been posting long but rest assured I am staying! I am glad everyone is okay! Hang in there. Things are tough here but I am working on it. My kitties keep me going!
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Steph....if you need to talk about anything...like why things are rough there, please feel free to do so....we are your family and friends here...so if you need to vent, go for it.
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Thank you Debby. I will purge myself soon. Right now you all are really cheering me up! Reading about you guys and the things you are doing really helps. Especially the thread about "tell us something good that has happened today". I think we should keep that one going!
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I think that's a good thread too! Blue always comes up with such good threads!
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