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Driving me nuts

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I got an 8 week old kitten last week. I had the usual problems of litter training to start with, but with help from this site and after a couple of days, this is no longer an issue. There have been no accidents at all, so Im really pleased about that.
The problem that I do have is that I appear to own the kitten from hell!! She is never still always shinning up me, my curtains, my plants, my washing, my chairs- basically everything. I have got her so many toys- climbing, spinning, rustle noised ones, etc- to distract her with, but she just wants to do everything she shouldnt.
My legs are so sore where she just shins up them, even as I try to move she manages to get hold and climb. My home is being wrecked by her. I never leave her alone in the house and if I have to go out she is shut in the kitchen with toys, litter tray, food and water, and she and the kitchen are safe.
As soon as I get home she comes out to play, but is so rough. I'm at my wits end. I have tried the 'NO' approach, but she ignores me, I have tried to distract her from what she is doing by playing with her and her toys, but still she keeps on with everything she shouldnt. She becomes manic at times, ears flat on her head and charges at me, at the curtains and up she goes, shinning as usual, she is great, but nuts!!
I have now got a water spray bottle that I have to spray her with as soon as she approaches an out of bounds object. I spray her hind quarters and at the moment it is working.
At what age can I expect to see a change in her behaviour?
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You're dealing with the "terrible twos" in a human infant. Enough intelligence to get in all kinds of trouble, but not much in the way of self-control.

How long will it last? Hard to say. Another 8 weeks should be a good start. By 6 months of age, she should be all settled down.

Now, you COULD help the problem by getting another kitten of the same age, and let them teach each other why not to bite and scratch others. That's the way they learn it, if they stay with mom and siblings a few more weeks.
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I already have a very playful 5 year old, who does seem to show her the correct way to behave. I did consider a second kitten for The Cat (I call her The Cat at the moment cos I cant think of a name!!!), but financially I couldnt do it. I just hope my older cat, Beefy will teach quickly!!
But thanks for the reply and suggestion.
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They do grow out of the terrible two's. Each cat and personality is different. I would think a week is not enough time for your other cat to teach her much. Time and especially patience is needed....a must.

There is a book that I have heard great things about called " Kittens for Dummies", by Dusty Rainbolt. I have some of her books. She interjects humor throughout so it should be entertaining to read.

It will get better. Hang in there.
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Im hanging in as she hangs my legs, curtains etc etc!!!
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