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Question of the Day - April 17th - Friday!!

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Ok this is a little off the wall but it matches my mood perfectly today!

Do you use oven mitts and if so describe them?

I have one oven mitt and tons of pot holders. My oven mitt is light brown
with flowers all over the back. Oops almost forgot to tell you it has
several burn marks at the tips.
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I prefer oven mitts, I am too afraid to just use potholders I think I have 3, one with a rooster on it, one is blue with flowers and the third one has a cat on it but I can't remember exactly what it looks like- I don't cook much All of mine are also burned
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I have both, but prefer oven mitts. Mine are light blue, with some flowers on them. I really need to get new ones though. Mine have oven marks on them as well and are starting to get worn out.
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I use oven mitts. I have three pairs. 2 green and 1 black pair.
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Yep, I use oven mitts. I have several pairs, but only one pair I actually use. They are nice skookum beasts that go well past the wrist, and are well padded -- dark red, with multiple battle scars. The others are an assortment of cutsey things that wouldn't protect against the knowledge of the presence of an oven in the next room. Not sure why I keep them. I don't use regular pot holders. They are treacherous. I do have a couple of little slip-on pot holders, which are fine for light use.

Oh, yeah, one other pair of oven mitts -- for the BBQ -- also long and well padded, but, alas, somewhat dilapidated, and ready for retirement. Must remember to pick up a new pair before we get the BBQ going.
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I use oven mitts. The one I usually use is solid blue. I have a cat print mitt and potholder that just hang on the wall over the stove.
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I use both. I use the mitts with the oven and the pot holders with things I pull out of the microwave.

For my mitts, I have the thick cream colored one that Pampered Chef sells, and another one with fish on it that I got as a gift. Both are battle scared and probably need replacing one day. For my BBQ, I have a pair of Orcas - the silicon ones that are good up to 500 degrees. I bought those long before they started to show up in stores and have had them for about 6 years now. They are blue. The Orcas are clumsy for things out of the oven, but if you have to pick up a 20 pound ham from the BBQ, they are perfect.
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I don't like oven mitts, but I have these great potholder that are super-thick on one side, and have a pocket on the other so you can stick you hand in it (or not). They are black.
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I just have 2 little silicone trivits/pot holder things. I would like to get some nice durable oven mitts too someday.
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I use oven mitts unless I can't find them, then I use pot holders.
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No mitts. I have some thick blue pocket/slip on type pot holders. I've been burnt too many times through mitts so I don't like to use them.
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I have long mitts, short mitts and pot holders, a drawer full of both.
I use both depending.
All of mine match, every single one of them.

Funny question Eva
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I have quite a few (none of which match) , but rarely use them. I often use a folded up kitchen towel instead.
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Nope, just potholders. Most of them were crocheted by my MIL, and really don't protect my hands all that much but hey, they're free!
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
Nope, just potholders. Most of them were crocheted by my MIL, and really don't protect my hands all that much but hey, they're free!
Ah, yes, like the ones my Mum used to crochet or knit -- she did both. They certainly were pretty, but didn't really give much protection. Ah, well...
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We use oven mitts, they are blue and white pinstriped. When we are having them washed we use a folded up tea towel.
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I have a couple of oven mitts that I use. They are mint green print on one side, with the Sandra Boynton cat on the other side. One has a curved burn mark on it from the electric burner of the stove. I also have a matching potholder, but I just use it to set hot pans or casserole dishes on to protect the table.
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Yes, and they have M&MS on them
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I actually prefer pot holders because I find oven mitts to bulky and I am more likely to drop something with them. I have several very cool pot holders that are in the shape and color of sunflowers. I have had them for years and I think I got them from one of my sisters as a gift.
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I use long mitts as I've been burned using pot holders. My current mitts are green with several burns all over them.
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We have oven mitts and pot holders, a few of each. I don't care which ones I use, I just grab what ever is on top most of the time. The only time I HAVE to use an oven mitt is when I'm making mac and cheese and have to hold the pot handle to stir it. For some reason I can't hold a pot right with a pot holder. lol I have some all brown ones, some Winnie the Pooh ones (from when we first moved in and they are old and nasty) and some blue and white ones. I want to make my own one of these days.
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I use a tea towel!
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