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I feel sick please send some healing vibes!!

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Hi everyone...
I've just had the most stressful week for a while. I have a project in one of my classes that is worth 35% of my grade, and it's due tomorrow. I also have a very important test in another class..It's been crazy this week because I've had to meet with my group so many times, organize the whole thing and I guess just having too many things on my agenda got me really stressed out and I couldn't even sleep because I had so much stuff going through my head...
And just yesterday I got sick, my immune system must have declined from all the stress, lack of sleep and some opportunistic virus caught hold.. I have a very sore throat and headache and runny nose...and on top of that I feel very nauseous right now, I think it's from the cold medicine that I'm taking which contains acetaminophen. On top of that I have to present my project today which requires talking for about 20 minutes and in the evening I have an end of the semester banquet to go to...I just woke up from a bad dream in which I am presenting and I don't know what to say because I don't have my notes!!
I just want to drop it all!! But I feel like I really want to go to the banquet, my friend whom I haven't talked to in a while invited me as her 'date' so we can catch up and it's just making me feel like I really should go!!
Wow I went on and on rambling, I didn't mean to...
I just need some healing vibes and some to help me get through today!! I can't wait until the end of the day when I can just get right back into bed...
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For goodness' sake, that is a lot to fit on one plate!! Colds never seem to wait, do they? Hoping everything works out today for ya.. and it flies right on by so you can get home and crash with the BEST medicine.. Mister Jake!
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Hope you feel better sending some vibes your way
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Sending you some healing vibes!
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Sending lots of vibes to help you get through the day! You have so much going on that adrenaline will probably get you through just fine (especially speaking in front of people) but you might really crash this weekend... good luck I'll be thinking of you!
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Get better SOON!!!!
One good thing is at least after tonight you can rest up all weekend...
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More vibes to help you get through the day.
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Oh, hon. Take it easy on yourself, cuddle your precious Jake, and muddle through. You can do it!

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Thanks SO MUCH for the vibes!!! I am done with my project and I'm about to sleep for a bit but I feel sooo bad! I honestly haven't had a cold this severe for a really long time. My entire head feels all odd and my nose is running faster than a river...Jake is being super nice, he was purring when I hugged him this morning which he rarely does he usually tries to pick a play fight and bite me....So yay for my sweet baby being so understanding of me
I'm so glad I'm not contagious to him, when I had hamsters I couldn't cuddle with them when I had a cold b/c they do catch human colds.
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
I'm so glad I'm not contagious to him, when I had hamsters I couldn't cuddle with them when I had a cold b/c they do catch human colds.
Since you mentioned you used to work in a lab, I'm surprised you wouldn't realize that this is just a myth. Except for a few viruses, most viruses don't jump between species (and certainly not suddenly). Unless your hamsters were genetically modified with human cells and from a research lab, they were safe. Its the same with most animals - we can't make them sick and they can't give us their colds either. Bets are off with bacteria and fungi, though.

As for being sick, be careful with the cold meds and if you feel worse or still just as bad in after a few days make a doctor appointment (flu and colds shouldn't linger on after a week - if it does you likely have a secondary infection).
I'm sick, too! I can't recall being around anyone sick last week or before, but it choose a wonderful time to start affecting me... nothing like having a very runny nose at a concert.
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Lol I know most animals can't catch human diseases and vice versa but I think I was reading something specific about hamsters..I can't find it but my search did come up with this:

" In 1956 it was discovered that hamsters can be infected with the common cold. This discovery is of great significance to cold-virus research, in that the hamster is the first small laboratory animal found to be susceptible to colds."
It's from encarta..

And then there is this one
Hamsters seem to be susceptible to respiratory problems, especially the common cold--which they can catch from their human caretakers. A smart preventive measure is to simply keep your pet's cage away from drafts, but if your little guy has a runny nose, watery eyes and the sniffles, he's probably got a cold. Move his cage to a cozy room and add some extra bedding to keep him cozy. If his cold symptoms do not clear up in a couple of days, seek medical treatment.

These are not reliable but I do remember reading something that was reliable lol
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Lots of feel better vibes coming your way.....

Hopefully once you get all your work load is pared down a bit and you get some rest you will feel better...

Rember lots of fluids, Vitamin C and Vitamin B to help with the stress..
And of course lots of kitty cuddles they have their own magical healing powers.
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I hope you feel better soon!
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I´m so sorry for your sick my friend....
lots of good vibes to you!... feel better soon!...
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