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Hey Guys!!!! -pregnant moms and babies!

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Hey, I used to use this site ALONG time ago, about 5-6 years ago!!! I totally lost track and here I am again!

I have my own animal rescue now I also work as an animal cruelty investigator and do some fostor cordination in my spare time for the local animal shelters and the Houston SPCA.

My rescue is called Ray of Light the website is found here http://www.freewebs.com/sweetfunnyqt/

I also have a project going on right now and was going to ask you wonderful people if you could possibly help me out!

My rescue is in NEED of donations. If you go to this link you can read the stories and you can see why. '


Right now there are anywhere between 20-70 max cats coming into our shelters EVERY single day. Most of these cats are female, pregnant...with babies or about to deliever. These cats are being put down because of lack of cages or kennels. We are out of room at the shelters so I bring ALOT of them home. All kinds of owner surrenders are being turned in and these cats are GOOD cats, purebred persians, maine coons, siamese, bengals, ..owners don't want them anymore because their cats gave birth to "mutt" kittens. These cats can't get any sweeter either. And just because we have no room they have to be put to sleep! Right now I am housing 9 mother cats with litters and 2 soon to be mother cats that should give birth anyday. As you know this gets VERY expensive. Donations are a must as I am completely nonprofit. If you can help please do so! The more donations I get the more cats I am able to save!!!

Also if you can spread the word, I would love you forever and of course our wonderful cats will appreciate it as well.
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Just a reminder of the forum rules for all.

5. Solicitations – TheCatSite.com does not encourage or promote solicitation of money from our members. We will help in every way possible with our knowledge and support, but as many of us have multi-cat households and work with local rescue groups, monetary support is not always possible to causes or people we do not personally know. Members are allowed one posting in the SOS forum for each organization. Repeated postings for the same cause or organization will be deleted.

The needs of rescue workers are great and we recognize this fact. To care for multiple cats, find suitable homes, good vet care, food, etc. is costly. From time to time you will see some posts come up to ask for donations for a cause. It is YOUR responsibility to check out these solicitors to the best of your ability. More often, you will see pleas from individuals asking for money to be sent directly to them to assist with veterinary bills. Some come up with slick websites, others just have heartwrenching stories. In each of these cases, the poster is allowed ONE thread, to be placed in Cats SOS.

In either case, if you feel compelled to donate money ask for references, phone numbers, call around the area and find out if this is a legitimate cause or a scam. For personal pleas, get the veterinarian’s contact information and send money directly to the veterinarian to help with bills for that particular cat. If that information is not available, you have the answer if the plea is legitimate or a scam.

Be very careful before you send any money: no matter how effective the plea is, check it out first before opening your wallet.
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well... i was told that when i finally got my rescue together to let everyone knw, i guess there is alot of new people here, you can even look at all my old posts... i am not just some random person, call the humane society at 242 in the woodlands texas and ask for info on christal with ray of light rescue. i assure you its no scam... but sorry i didnt realize the new rules... i am just in desperate need in getting these cats out of this kill shelter...when they have no room for these cats...they instantly are being put down!!!
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No, the rules aren't new, but we have to put that disclaimer in whether you have been a member for 5 years or 5 minutes. Nothing personal.

Good luck getting the cats out of the shelter.
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