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Going to hurt the computer....

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I dont know what is wrong with the stupid thing. It keeps telling me the address cannot be found and disconnecting me so often. It is annoying! I have to refresh a page 4 or 5 times before it will actually work.

Anyone know what could be causing it??
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It would be your internet connection or a virus that would cause that. You may want to defrag your computer and get rid of cookies too. Clean up everything. Every time you hit on sites they can leave spy stuff. You have to clean your computer and do maintenance all the time.
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I did a defrag a few weeks back. I try to do them during the day while I'm working.
I did a virus scan 2 nights ago and it was fine. What is odd is that it does this more when I have open office on my computer... I deleted it and it would rarely do it but thats because our internet from charter cuts out every 10 minutes... grrr... but I had to reinstall aaand now its doing it again. But there shouldnt be anything at all that would cause that.
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Are you on a wireless connection?
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yep wireless router. My computer does this my roommates does not so I dont think it is something to do with out connection. But who knows... I'm mad at charter at the moment but will probably call tomorrow and get someone out here anyways because our internet does reset itself a lot.
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on another hand to explain why we are mad at charter:
We woke up this morning and our cable box was saying it was not authorized. We knew our bill was due but thought we had a few more days (we were waiting for our paychecks to go through tonight) so my roomie goes ahead and calls and pays the bill. But then as she was leaving tonight she ran and checked the mail and there was a bill from Charter in the box saying it was our final notice with a cut off date of April 24th.... and the amount was also $42... we paid $200 we were kind of like wait what? But we are just more thinking that is a full week... that is the difference between a paycheck and not having the money to pay... But hopefully we can get that fixed tomorrow. I've learned to just call during business hours to save myself some anger lol
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Hmm.. I'm at a loss if it has something to do with the program itself, but here's a link I'd been looking at anyway:

Hope you guys get it figured out soon! Try not to hurt the computer too badly before then.. you'll need it!
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