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Male terrified of TV WHY????What can I do?

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When my male felix(outside cat) was neutered he got to be in my room with me for 4 days. He was asleep in the floor and I was bored and turned on my TV. He awoke stared at it about 4 seconds and ran under my bed and hid there untill I turned it off. I tried no volume and I tried volume with the sceen turned off(contrast and brightness on lowest setting).I tried tapping the screen to show him it wasnt a person and I let him smell it. He still was scared. unless it was completely off, he hid. Oh and he's not afraid of my computer...he's jealous of it and layed on my hands while typing...anyway I thought this was odd but that maybe it had something to do with him not feeling good after the neuter. Then 2 days ago I tried it again and he took of out of my room(this time door was open). I'm not sure if this is normal behavior or what to do about it. I am moving and he is gonna be an inside cat....I dont want him scared and hiding just because of the TV. Anyone have any ideas so he doesnt have to hide???
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There could be a sound you cannot hear that he can and it is hurting his ears. Do you have an old or newer TV? I would get a newer TV and see if he is still fearful of it too.

Hope this helps!
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Didn't you say that was his first time really spending any time indoors, when he needed to be neutered? If so, that could explain it. That is a totally foreign noise, it doesn't sound living (even though that's how we hear it), and it emits high-pitched noises that we can't hear. A cat raised with that won't give it a second thought, but to him it must be pretty scary. He isn't desensitized to it like most indoor cats are.
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Dragon Lady:
It is an older TV...I'd say from around 1997-98. The TV in the living room is only about 2-3 years old and he's just as scared. At first I thought it was the people, but he's scared when the screen is black too.
This was the longest length of time he's indoors. Grandma doesnt want any inside(made exception for neuter), but I sneak him inside alot when she's at work and let him out when she returns. He likes it inside and he slept beside me in bed the days he was inside for the neuter. I havn't had the TV on much around him though. The times I have I hadnt noticed his recation...I thought it was curiosity the way he wouldnt stay with me and watch TV. The days he was in my room he couldnt leave my room and hid under bed. That's when I noticed it.

I assumed about the noise too since it didnt matter about the volume or the screen being on....do you think he will always be scared? Is this something that will hurt him? I dont want him scared or hurt, but I cant not ever watch TV again when I have my own place....What do you think is best for him?
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From the sounds of things, your cat is afraid of a sound being emitted by your television. It's most likely a high pitched humming sound that is constant. I have sold television sets only to have them returned by customers saying that they can hear a high pitched humming being emitted. And often it's the younger testers who can hear this during testing and not the older testers due to loss of hearing over the years, (though not significant to cause deafness).

There's nothing that you can alter in the television to change it, (that's according to the many television repairers that I've spoken to).

I'm a little confused as to which television set he is afraid of. Is the sound hurting your cat's ears or is he just afraid? What is his appearance when you do switch the television on? Does he appear to be in pain?
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I agree that the sound must be the problem...but what to do about it? He'll be with me indoors permanently in a few months and I dont want him scared.

Both TV's(old and new) scare him. My older one scares him alot more though. He doesnt seem pained...he just hides. When he does come out he bobs his head in differnt directions looking at the screen trying to decide what it is.
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Well you could try no television but if that's not an option try any of the following.

You could leave the television switched on during the day muted or at a low level volume and continue with your daily routine and not make a fuss of Felix being scared. This may allow him to become used to the noise and regard it as background noise or a noise not to be frightened of. But only do this if you are absolutely sure that it isn't causing him pain.

If the sound is causing him pain, then perhaps isolating him in a room furthest from the the tv you are watching with plenty of toys and food so that he doesn't feel like he is being punished. I wouls also place an old towel or blanket rolled up at the bottom at the door to further muffle out the noise he can hear. Though if he meows to be let out of the room during while you're watching television, do so and then let him decide how close he wants to approach the television.

Apart from this, I can't think of any other suggestions.
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Thanks...I'll try that..basically I'll try whatever I must in order to be able to make him happy.
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I feel your pain. One of my cats is currently having problem with our air conditioner. Based on my observation, I believe he is scared of the noise made by my centralized air conditioner in the apartment. That cat is an indoor cat who has only been in our apartment less than 2 weeks. The other cat of ours has been living here for half year and has no problem what so ever..I wish I could turn off the air conditioner, but my husband has problem suffering from the summer heat.... Hopefully he will get used to the sound of the air conditioner soon.

I am thinking about getting Feliway comfort zone to make the enviornment at least comfortable to my new cat.

Good luck to you! Jean
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It's good to know I'm not the only one with kitty problems like this. All I hope is that the TV isnt bad for him and that he gets used to it..we are rarely apart...so he's gonna have to get used to it, or I'll have to turn it off...If only we could be them long enough to know what bothers them about it..*sigh* oh well...I just want him happy Thanks for the good luck! You too!
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