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This dog is driving crazy

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It started about 2 months ago. I can hear a big dog barking. All day long. I can't see it. but it is driving me nuts.There are several rental houses up behind us. I think that is where this dog is. Now that it is starting to get warmer. I like to open the windows and get a little fresh air. This dog never shuts up. We already have two yappy dogs down the street. At least they go to work with the husband ( he has a farm) a few times a week. We have no animal control. basically there is nothing I can do, but it annoys me. . This is going to be a long summer.
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You should call the local law enforcement and see about the noise violation.

Here there is a 24 hour noise violation law, and a nonstop barking dog would defintiely be fine worthy.

It's worth looking into.
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I share your pain. The neighbors downstairs crate one of their Boxers while they're at work, and he barks non-stop. They refuse to do anything about it, like train him properly, and after 5 years of friendship, my neighbors and I have parted ways over it.
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In our area, about 15 minutes of barking is enough to get a citation. Call your local law enforcement (NOT 911!) and ask them.
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Our noise bylaws are only in effect from. 11:00 pm -7:00 am. I talked to the bylaw inforcement officer. I am not the only complaint they have had. The dog is tied up all day. Fortunately they bring it in at night. Now, if the dog got loose I could call and they would pick it up and fine them. I am so tempted .
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