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Strange claw

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I've noticed that Panther has one claw on her from paw that is a little odd looking. It looks pretty similar to the other claws except that it is pure white and not see-through at all. It also seems to have a lot of problems with shedding its outer layer of nail as it grows. The nail often looks split and has large flakes hanging off of it. It doesn't seem to bother her at all and I usually don't even need to cut that claw because it doesn't seem to grow as long or sharp as the others. Any ideas on if this could turn into a problem? Maybe caused by some trauma when she was a kitten? She also has a kink at the end of her tail that must have happened when she was a kitten (I got her at 1yr) so she could have gotten injured in her previous home. Thanks
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My cats all came to me with different issues from how they were living before.

Fiona had her dew? claws, the ones on the side of the back feet, all black! She wouldn't let me touch them either. They eventually grew out and they look more "normal" now. She still doesn't like me to touch them though. I always wondered what happened though. She was a stray when I got her and around 2 years old.

Rocko's nails were shredding badly too when I first got him. But that went away and he is better than he was. Some of his nails don't grow like the others do. There is one I hardly have to cut, it never seems to grow. I got him when he was 9.
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It sounds like that on that particular nail, the sheath isn't being removed so it's building up. That can cause a thicker nail over time. You might just want to mention it to the vet the next time your kitty has an appointment.

As for the tail kink, they are usually genetic and not usually a sign of injury. I've known a couple of tortoiseshell cats with tail kinks and it is a common "defect" in Siamese cats and their relatives. They typically don't cause any problems.
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