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my cat has a stye...

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I am sure my cat has a stye... my question

How do I cure it?
Can it spread from humans?

I have a preeminent stye, it will never go... I have had my cats for a couple of years, will the stye go on its own? How should i treat it?

My doctors say, theres nothing for me... other than, some tea water... gold, the normal tricks... is this the same with my cat?
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How big is it? If it's a significant size, and especially if it's getting bigger it probably needs to be removed. Is it sitting on her actual eye at all? If so, it can end up scratching her cornea! I don't know of any treatment other than actually removing it...not sure though. Hope somebody else has some better answers for you!
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If I am understanding you correctly, you mean a stye as in a minor infection of a hair follicle or tear duct around the eye???

What I always do for my own styes is just apply warm compresses to help heal the infection, so I assume this would work for a kitty too.

It should get better within a week - if it doesn't, see a vet for some antibiotics.

I don't believe a true stye is really contagious since it's a bacterial infection and those usually aren't, however if it is something like pink-eye (which I don't even know if cats can get), then it could be. I know that cats can contract some human viruses like colds, but it doesn't usually work the other way around (humans contracting viruses from cats).
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Originally Posted by mycherona View Post
I know that cats can contract some human viruses like colds, but it doesn't usually work the other way around (humans contracting viruses from cats).
Cats do not contract human cold viruses just as humans do not contract URI's from cats.

As for the "stye", I believe that unless you are 100% sure that it is a stye and not something more serious, then a vet visit is in order. When dealing with eye issues, it is better to err on the side of caution IMO.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Cats do not contract human cold viruses
This has never been my understanding based on the numerous different vets I've spoken to over the years. It's definitely not a common occurance, but it can happen. Maybe this should be a discussion topic of it's own....
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we thought it was a stye, as it looks like mine...

We got home from seeing my dad in hospital, about 11pm. Then we saw his eye was closed. We then had a closer look, and saw it was not closed, but open slightly, and had a huge lump above his eye... we done our normal trick which we have done in our family since we first got a cat, over 150 years ago.

We said, we will phone the vets first thing, and the next morning, got up, his eye was open. We had a look, and you can see its just like my stye. We then thought about checking on websites first to double check... came back here, and posted this message. We then went to see my dad, and when we got home, his eye was open as normal, but still got a lump. We thought we would leave it, and see what happens, as styes are brought on by stress, fear... so they say at least.

Tonight, we got home, saw him, and he looks fine... his lump is nearly gone, but his eye is still watery.

You may think, Why didn't you take him to the vet... well... I don't trust them. I mean, my cat had something wrong with his tail... it really hurt him, so we took him to the vets. They said we need to put him to sleep, so see what he has done, come back in 2 hours. So we came back in 2 hours... went and saw the vet... he said he had a slipped disk, and they said that it would go back naturally, but they thought it would be best to remove his whole tail. They didn't phone, didn't tell us... just did it.
I have had a slipped disk before, and I know that it can go back with the right movement in the body. We took him back for a check up, and found out that he is one skinny cat, got told that we are not looking after him good enough, he was underweight, and if we didn't feed him more then they would get the RSPCA to take him away. His weight was 9KG and no tail, and was told that should make an appointment in 1 month about his weight... we didn't.

My other 2 cats, are smaller than the tailless cat. One weighs 6KG, (thats the stye cat) and the other weighs 4.9KG. Both cats have not had their testicles removed. They are indoor cats, who will only go out side with me there. I believe I am doing the right thing.
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I went to the ER just this past Saturday (30 July 2016) because I had a stye on my left eye that would not go away n the swelling became worse n the pain was so excruciating. The doctor said I had a style and it became infected, which I had no idea that could happen. I mentioned to the ER Doctor that the same thing happened to my right eye just a week and a half ago, but I stayed home and it went away on its own, it just took 5-7 days. I told that I could not wait because I had appointments and errands to run, so I need something now. So the ER doc gave me some antibiotic drops I use every four hours.

I just noticed yesterday (Sunday/31 July 2016) that my oldest cat (14 years old) left eye looks to be similiar to mine, which is almost to the point completely shut. The drops do help with the swelling, redness and pain, but what do I do about my cat's left eye?

Can a cat get a stye from their human owner? I don't believe they can, but I'm not positive either?
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