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kitty constipation

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Can cats get constipated? I presume there is no reason why they cannot. One of mine has a hard tummy on her at the moment and as she shares a litter box I don't know if she has done anything or if she is constipated. What could I give her to get things moving (if it becomes necessary)
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My old cat is always constipated.
We were using lax aire before she had Crf.
She gets Miralax now.
I would call the vet and see what they suggest.
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My beloved Buster suffered from chronic constipation to the point where he could no longer defecate on his own without medical intervention. A common home remedy to relieve constipation involves administering canned pure pumpkin (not the pie filling) to your cat. Nonetheless, it would be a good idea to contact your vet if you are not seeing any poop. Your constipated cat can feel very uncomfortable and may require an enema.
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Try the canned pumpkin and try to track their litter box habits. If you don't see any BMs within a day or two, kitty needs to visit the vet. They will most likely do x-rays to see just how blocked they are and possibly do an enema. Being constipated for 2+ days can make a cat very very uncomfortable and make it almost impossible to go on their on. Have you noticed her straining at all? Perhaps yowling while in the litter box?
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Hi everybody

Thank you for your comments, she has done her "business" since I wrote that message and her tummy is back to normal now.

Thanks again!
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