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Pan being mischievous

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Pan always looks like she is going to cause some trouble.....which she normally does, lol.

looking directly into the light....and then she licked it (luckily it wasn't hot), she's such a weirdo
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Mischievous? No way! Pan looks so pretty and innocent!
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Such gorgeous pics! Definitely Kodak moment!
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Pan, trouble? Nope, I don't believe it. I look at that sweet face, and all I can think about is how innocent she is!
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There is no doubt she has a sweet, innocent, adorable face, which is the first hint of mischief! The calm before the storm look in those eyes! And definitely a complete camera ham!!!!!! She loves the camera and the camera loves her! The Next Top TCS Kitty Model!
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hehe, then she has tricked you all. The only time she isn't getting into some sort of trouble is when she is sleeping! But what can you expect from a 10 month old.

Thank you all for the comments
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OMG she is sooo cute and your pics are amazing!!!
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I loooooove the fourth photo.. Such great pics! You have such a sweet little girl with the most adorable pudgey face..
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what gorgeous amber eyes she has!
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She is so beautiful That last picture is great
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awww, thanks

she is such a ham for the camera. I usually have the white boards and lights set up when I am taking pictures for my online store and ebay shop and she'll come over and push things out of the way so I can take pictures of her! She's the only animal I have ever had that will actually hold a pose and look at the camera on purpose. All my other animals I have to trick into looking into the camera with a toy or by being really far away and zoom in on them.
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She is beautiful . With all that beauty she must be innocent
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