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So Excited!

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I am an official member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers! That means I can get started with training very soon and use a lot of their resources! Yay! And I get discounts on a lot of different stuff with them! I am so freaking excited!
I already have my business name and my BF is working on a logo at the moment for me to use! And I am going to start baking dog cookies and pupcakes this weekend to sell at some local stores to get my name out there!
My future business plan is an all natural pet store with homemade dog treats along with other very nice brands of foods and treats and have a huge selection of more unusual stuff that petsmart or petco and have a training area in the store and a dog wash station.

I am excited!
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You have some wonderful plans also. An All-Natural pet store just opened up in a town close to me and they seem to be doing very well. People want healthy choices for their pets. Well, most people. There must still be a market for cheap cruddy food since i still see it on grocery shelves. *shudders* Hopefully that is the minority of pet owners.
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Wow, that is wicked!!!
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I cannot wait! The name I have submitted at APDT is Waggin' Tails Pet Training & Services. I wanted something cutesy hehe! But yeah I am excited!

We have a few natural pets stores here but I will not be opening one until i find out where I am moving and when. Most likely either Knoxville, TN or Richmond, VA
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Yay!! Congratulations!
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