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Not so great (job) news at work today

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This may not sound so bad to others, but I'll fill you in in some background:

I've worked here since 1982; full-time since '86. They NEVER, the place where I work, nor the County government, have ever laid-off anyone, nor even mentioned it, nor tried to cut full-time hours.

We had a meeting today. They are encouraging a "voluntary" reduction of up to 20% of your pay for us non-exempt workers. Wonder what happens if nobody volunteers? I'm certainly not going to. I need that money. They keep saying, "There will be no lay-offs this year." (Exempt=dept. heads and those with MLS library degrees. I'm non-, which means the state labor laws apply to me, and even though I'm salaried, I technically am paid hourly, and eligible for overtime--not that they ever give it.)

On top of it, you know how the seniority works, in case of lay-offs? I have worked there since 1982. Someone with a MLS can start today; if they wanted to cut someone tomorrow, theoretically they could axe ME, and keep Ms. MLS, even though I have decades of experience, and, in my case, are doing the same job. Isn't it lovely how they reward employee loyalty? I can and do accept that someone with a MLS should be paid more, but this is rotten.

I honestly think that, within the next year, there will be lay-offs, and my job will be on the line, even for the simple reason that I am at the top of my pay level; they could hire someone else a lot cheaper.
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Our company is going through layoffs...they are letting go the highest paid people Thank goodness for me I am at the bottom!
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I am being sent home early from my job because of slow business when I am there. It's actually costing me more money in gas than than I'm making at the moment. I am hoping to ride out the slow times and I am hoping for a turn around in the economy.
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Are they asking for someone to voluntarily give them 20% of their salary? That's ridiculous, no one would do that!
At my dad's government job, they took a vote as to whether the employees wanted a pay reduction or lay offs. I honestly think that's a fair way to handle it and I'd go for a pay cut if I knew I had job security.
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Yep, my husband lost his job due to being at the high end of the pay scale basically. They took 150 people off the salesforce, he gave them 10 years. What was worse is they did it on a conference call with all 150 people!

Luckily we were blessed and he was only unemployed for 10 weeks.

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I was the opposite at my husband's job - they let the people who hadn't been there long go. Husband had been there since last August. Um yeah, he's not there anymore
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