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Stray & Her Litter in Trouble !!

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Hi all. Last night, outside my window, I heard animal crying sounds. Now I live in a suburban neighborhood, and my house is on a hill. It can be hard to picture, but basically, my window is below the ground, and my view is a wall about two feet from the glass, behind that wall is earth. So my window is a little four foot deep pit, with the window being one side of it, and above that pit is the backyard. Squirrels drop down occasionally to stash something in the soil, and there is a very small tree (less than an inch in trunk thickness) that grows out of it.

I mention this because a newborn cat (I'm guessing a tabby by her orange coat) has given birth to a litter there. It has been about 18 hours, and she is still in the same spot. I know very little about cats, but this new mother has a four foot leap ahead of her if she wants to leave, and very little to climb. The aforementioned tree is very slick bark, and has no branches, and the walls are painted. Again, it is tough to describe, but even knowing how cats climb regular bark, and other surfaces, I really don't think she can climb out of there.

Could a average sized house cat leap out of a four foot cell after giving birth, with her kittens? If not, should I drop something down that she could use as steps? If it's been 24 hours or so, as I think it's been, should I lower some food or water down?

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Maybe, maybe not. Is there any way you can help her? Can you get to her? Maybe move her kittens and her to a more accessible but safe location. Inside would be best to protect the kittens from the elements and from predators. Otherwise, yes, something to help her get in and out would be good. Also some wet kitten food for her ...

A large dog crate, a bathtub in an unused bathroom... anything would be better than where she is now.

She and babies may need rescuing without mama-cat realizing it. Sometimes they give birth in a place they think is safe and it's not good at all.
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That's an awfully steep jump for her and she'll need food. At the least, I'd put out kitty food and water for her and maybe a covered litter box. Then, I'd get a trap (maybe from Humane Society) and try to trap her and the little ones. Call a local vet and ask if they work with a no-kill shelter that might take the mom and babies.
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She should be able jump out by herself, but I don't know about doing it with a baby in her mouth. Other than not being able to move the kittens, how safe is it there? It sounds like it could be a good shelter unless it collects water when it rains. Inside would be best, but if that's not possible the window well may be the safest place for them. If she's not getting out to take care of her own needs, can you put food and water in there for her? Do you have access to the area from the window or do you have to go outside to get to it?

How many kittens does she have? Can you get pictures?
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