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Work Vent

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Ok, so I think you guys just need to tell me to suck it up and quit whining.
I've been working (as a veterinary assistant) for about three weeks now (I already posted once about a bad day). I've had one really great day, two days ago. We had three dogs with quills in the come in after I had finished my grooming and I got to help pull quills, which was great for me, being able to be involved. I've pretty much just been cleaning, I've been sweeping the entire clinic every day Im there, which bothers me, it seems fair to maybe take turns with who does each task. I actually had to scrub the bathroom, which bothered me, and bothers me even more because it bothers me and it shouldnt. I do like cleaning surgical packs, makes me feel useful because it's something you have to learn to do (unlike scrubbing the toilet). But I'm pretty much just cleaning, and it's just irritating me that nobody is taking turns. I got Arthur's bloodwork done at work because it was half price (employee pricing) so after my great day at work I went up to see my vet and drop off copies of his bloodwork for his file and ended up talking to my vet while he was in surgery, which was really nice of him. Watching him put in sutures is like (this is going to sound a little crazy) it's like watching someone play the piano, it's like magic, it's beautiful! So watching him sew up a bladder was fantastic, like the icing on the cake (he even let me open a few things for him, which is super trivial but more than I've done at work) so I was thrilled. And he didnt charge me a consult fee, which was really nice. Still thrilled when I got up the next morning, got to work and they say..well first, I've told them since the beginning that Im going to stay with my vet. I really like him (didnt mention my huge crush on him) he's been fantastic with my animals, and he's been great with me. And I really appreciate his people skills, the vet Im working for doesnt really seem to have them (that's what the other girls working there said). So I told them I was just going to have Arthur's labs done at work, the vet didnt need to see him, I just wanted to pay $60 for bloodwork instead of $120 and to let me know if that would bother anyone. They said no problem, thats fine, dont worry about it. So I get to work and they say "The Dr told us to tell you to have Arthur's records faxed over from your vet, she doesnt want you going back and forth because it's such a complicated case. You can still get his lab work done here if you arent going to switch but it wont be your employee pricing, it'll be full price." Now that upset me a bit. I told them how I felt a week before I brought him in for his test so they could let me know if it was going to be an issue and everything was supposed to be fine. So there went my good mood, I was peeved. It's just frustrating, I wanted it to be a great environment where I could learn. And I am learning little things, like how to do surgical packs, and grooming (which I really don't enjoy) and little stuff here and there and I'm sure I'll learn more the longer I'm there (of course), I guess I just expected it to be more involved. Like helping with pulling quills. Instead of mopping and sweeping and scrubing the bathroom. I dont know what I expect you guys to say, I just needed to vent a little. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong and someone can give me a better perspective.
But today was a really upsetting day for me.
They want me to pay the other half of my lab work for Arthur, even though it was done a week or so ago and when it was done it was understood that I got the employee pricing because I'm an employee! I'd have said forget it I quit and you're not sqeezing another penny out of me but I need the job. The receptionist told me that the Dr wanted me to pay the other half (which really does piss me off, I cant afford full price right now which is why I did it where I work instead of where I take Arthur) and she said she was really floored when the Dr told her that, that the pricing was one of the benefits and I should get it just like everyone else and that if the Dr was going to be that way then it should be from this point on, not on stuff I've already had done. But anyway, she felt really bad, it seems like nobody really likes the Dr. One of the girls I was working with today said she didnt like her and just let whatever she says go in one ear and out the other. It's really bumming me out, I wanted this to be a great experience. I'm sure it'll get better if I don't get fired for seeing another vet but so far it's just been frustrating.
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First of all, if you get fired for taking your cats to another vet I would think you would have grounds to take them to court. Something like that, if they insist on it, should have been written into a contract that you would sign.

Second, and vet worth anything would realize that it's in an animals best interest to stick with a good vet that knows the animal's history. Now, for boosters, regular check ups etc that is one thing. But I would never take Monster (seizure kitty) to another vet if I could help it. In fact, our vet's office has 3 vets on staff, and we don't care who looks at the rest of the group for general things, but for Monster we INSIST on one certain vet. Trying to change vets right now wouldn't be in Arthur's best interest, and they have to understand that.

As for getting more involved, do you have a supervisor you can talk to about this? Explain that you took this job to get some experience and you already know how to clean a toilet. The cleaning part is probably something they all had to take turns doing but since you're the "new girl" you are getting stuck with it, which isn't fair but it happens.

Personally, I still think you should try to get a job at YOUR vet's office. It seems like he's much more willing to let someone learn...of course you would have to forget he's a "hottie"!
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