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New kitten drama

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I adopted a 7 month old kitten (Zeke) a couple weeks ago and kept him apart from my 1 year old cat (Toby) for a week. I did a slow introduction over that time, letting them see each other only through seperate cages, smell each other's scents on towels, going in each other's rooms when the other wasn't there, etc. The intro went fairly well. No growling or hissing at all. Now, sometimes they seem fine together, but other times they both start little fights with each other, going up to each other and putting their arms around the other's neck which ends with them wrestling in a circle on the floor, biting each other. I break it up, since I never leave them alone together. Zeke seems to do this very playfully, but Toby takes this as an attack and I'm really worried he's going to seriously hurt Zeke. He already bit Zeke's face over the weekend and left two little cuts. Toby's about 12lbs and strong, and Zeke only 7lbs and very thin. Individually, they're both the sweetest, gentle cats. Neither of them have ever hissed or growled in their life. Toby seems very jealous and depressed since I got Zeke. He's not as playful and looks hurt if he sees me holding Zeke or playing with him. Does this sound like a normal adjustment period of them getting to know each other or should I worry they'll never be safe to be alone together? I can't even leave them alone if I leave the room, because I'm afraid they'll get in a fight and Zeke will get hurt. Any advice is appreciated.
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It seems normal to me... It is important that you don't break these fights, and let them resolve them themselves... They need to establish the hierarchy in the house, and also that is how most of the cats play... If they are fighting, there will be blood, screams, hisses, and probably fur flying around - if this is the case, than yes, separate them. If not, just watch it - you will get used to it in a while.
Make sure to give attention first to the original cat - put his food down first, give him treats first, and pet him first. This way he will know he is still number one, and will feel safe to have the other kitten around.
A dot of vanilla extract in each others chin also seem to work well...
Good luck!
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I agree. It sounds like play. Sometimes they can get rough and break skin but as long as no cat is cowering and hiding under the bed or in a closet all day long, or peeing outside the litter box I say you are okay. Don't let size fool you. My small girl is literally half the size of my boys and she can hold her own.

Enjoy watching their antics!
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Thanks guys The boys have been a little better today. They've been playing together and even took a nap for an hour on my bed with no fighting.
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