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Teens and smoking

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I found this to be an interesting study. Do you think that teens smoke because they see celebrities smoking? Once again taken from cp24.com.

Watch And Learn

Italian teens might watch their favourite actors light up and turn to cigarettes themselves.

A study done by the National Health Institute said that teenagers might start smoking to imitate the celebrities.

The thesis was based on a survey involving 498 teenagers between 13 and 17, and was presented at the Fifth Conference on Tobacco and the National Health Service in Rome. It discovered that 12 per cent of the kids were smokers, and 16-and-17-year-olds were the most likely to light up.

Public health experts were told that Italian television stations Rai, Mediaset, La7 and MTV, show someone smoking every 32 minutes. And in cartoons, movies and videos 63 per cent of smoking acts are connected to “winning†personalities, while only 38 per cent are associated with “losersâ€. The report said that 71 per cent of smoking happened in “sexy and convivial situationsâ€. But only 29 per cent were linked with anxiety.
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All I can say is that personally, I didn't start smoking because famous people did it. I was more influenced by my parents, both who were smokers, and my friends.
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Ummm...no, I don't think it influences us much. I'm 17 and I've never felt the need to light up a smoke. Even with the younger teenagers, most of them do it only because their friends/family do it. I'm sick of people blaming the media for society's problems... so and so smokes on TV, so my kids will think it's okay, so and so smokes in their own time, so my kids will think it's okay, so and so swears like mad and talks about killing his wife, my kid might do that too... It shouldn't be like that. It should be "Oh, this guy is smoking on TV, I should take this opportunity to remind my children why smoking is bad" or "Oh, this guy is rapping about violence, maybe my kids could use a quick reminder" rather than "blame the media". That's how my parents always tackled these issues. Personally, I think they should work on getting said teenagers' confidence up so they don't feel the need to smoke to be "cool" or like their favorite celebrities. Kind of like those ads for Concerned Child Advertisers, but on a bigger scale. I actually think it would be beneficial to have these ads made by teenagers. The "Just Say No!" campaigns are getting old and seem to be directed towards younger children.
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Tybalt - LMAO @ your signature....

I started smoking when I was 17. Not because of TV or the movies, but because my friends were doing it. Sad I know.. wish I had never started.
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I think factors other than celebrities smoking play a greater role. I work with teenagers, and I'm afraid that the majority of the teenage girls who start smoking do so to keep their weight under control. Later they're afraid to stop smoking because they fear a big weight gain. Unfortunately, we're starting to see the same trend with boys (and also more cases of bulimia and anorexia among guys). Mind you, a lot of these kids are average or below average in weight, but that is not how they perceive themselves. Tybalt's list is great, but a lot of kids don't see those effects as a deterrent, because they are concerned with the present, not how they'll look at 40.
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I think the influece of TV and famous people on teenagers deepends on how strong personalities the teenager are. If the parents did smoke, the kids think smoking is to be acceptet as an adult. The imitate adults with their first zigarette. Most kids hate the taste of zigarettes first and smoke only for this "upgrading" in their own feeling to have an older age.

If the kids get not enough positive influenze and the feeling there are be loved and their opinion counts, no matter how young there are. So they get strong enough to have their own style, their own opinion about smoking and then there is not such a big influenze from TV to bring them to smoke. Maybe they smoke because they want it really by themselves .

At least Teenager get the same influenze as we. Adults in all ages can´t live without some stuff who is just there because of a good marketing from someone else.
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I started smoking, as a rebellious teenager. My parents are Pentecostals and smoking, drinking, dancing and sex outside of marriage are major no-nos.

Since I currently indulge in all of these "sins", I am lucky that my parents also follow the teaching "hate the sin, love the sinner."

As a smoker, it was difficult to explain to my kids why they shouldn't smoke. Mark is an off-and-on smoker. I DID make him buy his own cigarettes, though. If you're going to have a bad habit, you'd better be prepared to support it.
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When I started smoking it was definitely the peer pressure thing. Well actually around ages 15-18where I went to school it was all about weed, coke/crack, drinking, and smoking. So to not be a complete outsider I chose just the cigarettes. People still thought I was a goody goody but it did somehow make me fit in better.

But I think in Italy smoking might be more widely accepted thus shown more and so maybe the kids are influenced that way..
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