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Does anyone else play with their cat in the bathroom?

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Like most kitties, everytime I go to the bathrooom, Kizzy is sitting outside the door....usually his paws are under the door. No matter how short or long of a time I'm in there, I HAVE to play with him.

I either grab a square of toilet paper or use one of those magazine subscription cards, and trail it under the door I like trying to get his paws....I'll put something just on my side of the door, he can see it and will stick most of his paw/leg under the door.....I catch it

Good way to amuse myself while going potty LMAO.

Anyone else?
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Funny, the things we talk about as cat owners. Yes, I do! They all come one after the other while I am in there. Even if they are napping. They just know! Fiona likes to jump INTO my lap...which is uncomfortable but I let her because she doesn't often like cuddles. My boys are BIG bathroom addicts. I find them just sitting in there, in the dark. I'll turn on the light and they'll be looking up at me...it's pretty funny.

Fiona likes to attack tp so i'll throw her some and watch her go for it. Luckily she doesn't mess with it on the roll!
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Dusty will come in and play with one of her fluff balls. I will throw it and she will chase it.

Sometimes though, either Rusty or Dusty will come in the use the litterbox which is right by the toilet. Ewwww! Sometimes they will do that when I am taking a bath too.
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This is so funny, because I often wonder (while the following is happening), "is this really weird that I spend time playing with Larry while I'm on the toilet?"

So, anyhoo....the minute he hears the toilet seat going up, he comes bounding in. He arches his back for some petting, then we start the rug thing. I'll move the rug with my feet, he thinks it's alive and pounces on it, or really grabs it and attacks it with his back feet.

He hasn't seemed to figure out that I'm the one moving it!

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That's hilarious
Jake does the same thing- he's always standing at the door waiting for me to come out lol and his paws under the door..
Sometimes if I forget to close the door fully, Jake will push it and walk right in. It freaks me out because before I realize it's just him I'm thinking "omg someone is walking in on me"
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LOL.....too funny.

I forgot to mention, the odd time Kizzy tries to lock me IN the bathroom. Instead of laying along the side of the wall and start of the door, he'll end up plopped in front of the door, parts of all 4 paws under it and I'll go to open it and it won't budge (the door on this one opens out)

Help, my cat has me stuck in the bathroom
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Thor literally knocks on the door if you're in the shower and he's not there with you. And he's LOUD when he wants something. He insists you drop your wet towel on his head so he can roll around with it. If you don't ,he'll put up both paws and yank it out of your hands. LOL.
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Mine thinks I'm Mom and follows me everywhere even into the shower!

I try to keep the lid down so she won't drink the water, by the time I've sat down I often dicover I have a fuzzy backrest...

She then sits in my lap and uses me as a stepping stool to climb on the toilet paper holder then the sink and from there the window sill where I try to hide the TP so she can't shred it. (We like shredding toilet paper very much!).

Then, she has to be right there to watch the flush.... -Very interesting I guess?
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Mine insists either sitting on my lap or lying down for a tummy rub while I'm on the toilet. He'll sit between theshower curtain and liner sometimes while I take a shower. What's funny is when I use the toilet paper, he watches to see what I'm doing; he'll try to stick his head between my legs or behind me. Then when I flush, he wants to see what'sgoing on in the bowl. I'm afraid he'll fall in! If he only wasn't so curious. I guess i could close the door but that wouldn't be any fun!
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I don't play with them but they will come in, jump in the tub and roll over for a belly rub
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Like most kitties, everytime I go to the bathrooom, Kizzy is sitting outside the door....usually his paws are under the door.
From what I have read on here before, most cats are not confronted with a closed door and simply follow into the bathroom. At that point they are expecting something to happen but I am not quite sure what!
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Arwen will often follow me down to the toilet room (ours is separate from the bathroom) and she will sit outside of it and meow loudly until I come out again. It's almost like she is saying "Meowmy, where have you gone??"
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The bathroom is "Priss's Place". The moment I make a motion towards the bathroom, she follows right behind, and climbs up onto her perch until I turn the tap on for her.

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Reilly loves to drink out of the bathtub. If one of us goes in the bathroom he goes bolting in there as fast as his little legs will carry him, gets on the ledge of the bathtub and cries if we don't turn it on.

When he was tiny, and my husband first turned on the water and he discovered drinking (and playing!) in it, we used to hunt for him and we'd find his tiny little kitten butt sitting in the bathtub staring up at the faucet. Like for HOURS. We haven't bought him a fountain but we really should - that boy loves running water!
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For some reason ??? my cats favorite room in the house is the bathrooms?? All of them! I always have an audience for baths and using the toilet
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Also, our master bath is the ONLY room in the house they aren't allowed in (our walk in closet is in there, there's always laundry everywhere that I don't want them laying in, etc) They will lay right at the door if one of us is in there just waiting for us to come out.
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When I am in the bathroom my moms cat Chunky Monkey is almost always there!! WHen I take a shower June Bug or Man Cake (sometimes both) will be on the floor when I get out! They always rub up against me when I am still wet!! I like the extra company Glad I am not the only one who has kitties who come in the bathroom
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I bring my kitties in because they are sneezing so the vet recommended hot shower saunas for them. One of them goes crazy when she sees me start flossing my teeth. She'll start playing with it while I'm flossing away. I usually have a mini play session with the dental floss. Cheap toy!
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The minute I head for the bathroom, Maggie tries to beat me to it. I shut the door and she hops up on the sink while I'm busy. She pulls everything like the cotton ball dispenser, kleenex box, hand towels ect that's sitting there into the sink then tries to lay among it. If I stop her, she'll lay in the bowl and dig at the overflow drain. She's certain a giant sink monster resides down there.
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Trout likes to play fetch while I am on the toilet. She drops her ball at my feet and then prowls around my feet until I throw it. Yes.seriously.
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You really close the door to the bathroom?!?!?

Unless there is company over, I don't dare close the door. The times that I do I'll open it to find 5 or 6 critters (both dogs and cats) tapping their feet at me and looking very cross. I'm not sure that I've ever walked into a bathroom without someone following me. They usually just want me to pet them, but 1 of our bathrooms (the master) has quite a few cat toys that I'll toss around to play with.

Our master bathroom is pretty big. I got out of the shower last week to find our 3 dogs, the neighbor's dog, and 6 cats waiting for me. The smallest of these dogs is 60 pounds. It was pretty crowded in there.

Originally Posted by Keycube View Post
What a good meowmy you are - building her a perch on the tub so she can keep an eye on you while you are in there!
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LOL tooo funny, Autumn is facinated when I go to the bathroom! She allways follows me in, and if she missed me (which is rare) she will come RUNNING when I flush.. she like to supervise the water going down! Also she like to sit on the side of the tub when I shower or take a bath., you made my day ..I thouhgt I was the only one who went to the br with her cat!!
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We have a container for the used litter next to the toilet. Dusty will jump on the lid and tickle my butt cheeks with her whiskers. I think she is smelling my butt! She also will jump in the tub when I am getting ready to take a bath. She will jump out when I turn the water on though.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
You really close the door to the bathroom?!?!?

LOL, yah, the one bathroom I do....its on the main floor and if someone were to knock at my house door they could see in through the side window and view half of me on the toilet. So I close that one, not usually fully closed unless I'll be in there for a bit

Its the only bathroom I can reach the door while sitting on the toilet.... the other bathrooms Kizzy comes right in and waits with me LOL....doesn't really do anything, just sits there and watches me

Glad to see I'm not the only one enjoying bathroom kitties LOL.
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I take a hand mirror and make a reflection on the bathroom ceiling for Speck. He chatters like a chipmunk when he sees a light. Daisy is fascinated by water; she sits on the edge of the tub and threatens to dive in the water. Siamie, my elderly cat, loves to be combed. She follows me in the bathroom, and sits in front of the closet where the cat comb is kept. She cries until I comb her hair.
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No closed doors here. I discovered tonight that Dorian sprays on the bathroom door if I close it. I always have assistance when showing or using the bathroom.
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Originally Posted by Keycube View Post
The bathroom is "Priss's Place". The moment I make a motion towards the bathroom, she follows right behind, and climbs up onto her perch until I turn the tap on for her.

If that isn't an 'I want something' face, I don't know what is. Building her that perch must have grown her sense of entitlement enormously...
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This thread cracks me up. It's funny the things you think you are alone in that other pet owners share. My dog usually insists on laying in the bathroom with me when I shower. The cats don't seem to care, but Sterling likes to jump into the bath when it's still wet and lap water.
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You guys, this thread has to be my favorite yet!

Johnboy & Billy both bolt to the bathroom the second they know I'm headed that way. If for some weird reason they don't notice, I make sure to call them to come along.. if I don't they will dig & meow at the door like "omg, she totally just locked us in THE REST OF THE HOUSE." While Johnboy likes to play, Billy insists it's relaxin' & nappin' on the lap time. Who needs reading material?! Not most cat people!
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ROFL I'm so glad I'm not the only oddball that does this. Bella follows me everywhere and the bathroom is no exception. Before I use the toilet I'll close the door so that there's just a small crack, and Bella will put her paw under it and try to open it. If she gets through before I'm done, I will let her explore the bathtub (which she's fascinated with) for a few moments before moving the shower curtain and making her jump about two feet in the air! Hahaha now that's entertainment.
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