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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, April 15th!

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Good morning! It looks like a cold and dreary morning here, although it's already 42 °F. It's supposed to get up into the lower 50's and partly sunny this afternoon, so maybe it will be a nice day! It's my day off, so I need to enjoy it, regardless of the weather!

Here's today's Question Of The Day.

A while back, I was reading about Proustian memory (also called involuntary memory.) It's actually a fascinating subject. The sense of smell is a very primitive sense, and can quickly trigger very vivid memories.

Do you have any scents or smells that trigger a vivid memory for you?

In the autumn, if I smell a particular pipe tobacco, it will instantly make me think of my Grandpa. The smell of one particular type of lilacs blooming in the rain makes me think of going up to Mackinac Island as a little girl.
There are a couple others. It's a strange feeling when it happens. It's almost as if I've been transported through time.

P.S. Here's a couple of links about "Proustian Memory".
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I have alot, unfortunately most I won't say on here.

Cigars: my dad (used to smoke em when I was younger )

Beer: brings back a NOT pleasant experience of alcohol poisoning when I was 16
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Hmm, I'm sure there must be some but I can't think of any
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I have one that brings on an instant memory of my dad.

He was a heavy smoker, and he was also fastidious about his appearance. Whenever he went somewhere, he was always clean and wore after-shave....and there was the lingering cigarette smell with it. Normally, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. But one day I walked out to get my elevator, and someone on my floor had left that same exact aroma behind.

It was a bitter-sweet memory, because it instantly reminded me of dad, who passed in 2000. But it was amazing, actually, how instantly that thought of my dad came back.
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Yes I have one the smell of fruit punch makes me feel ill...

Long story short- In my much younger sillier days I decided gin and fruit punch would make a good drink combination. The result one very severe hangover that ruined the smell of fruit punch for life...
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The smell of those pink erasers will take me back to my early grade school years.
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When I smell a cigar I think of my Poppy (Grandfather)
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The Garnets to make me remember the lovely mass that I went to asist for diferent events!...
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Smells and colour. red roses remind me of my grandmother. I have always added pillows, throws in my living room a deep dark red. I painted my wall that colour. I finally realized it was the colour of my Grandmothers roses . Sweet peas remind me of Mom. I also love the smell of Mayday trees , they remind me of playing in my grandmothers yard. I loved to sit under the trees and she would bring me cookies.
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The smells of liquid soaps where I work now reminds me of my Hospital Ward days Wish I could go back and work there sometime....
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