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New crack down by police

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What do you think of this police crack down as a way to save the environment? Taken from cp24.com

Idle Threats

Ladies and gentlemen…stop your engines.

A team of bylaw officers are launching a week-long campaign focusing on idling vehicles and their drivers in Toronto.

The officers are ready to enforce the city’s regulation that calls for a limit of three minutes on idling. Offenders will be hit with $105 tickets and a provincial surcharge of $25.

Service vehicles are exempt from the regulation, along with all cars on hot days when the mercury climbs to above 27C and on cold days, when the temperature is under 5C.

So now is prime time for those issuing the tickets to crack down on fuming cars.

About a dozen bylaw officers will be keeping a close eye on some idling trouble areas – outside the SkyDome, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Air Canada Centre and in the entertainment district.

Simultaneously, hundreds of volunteer Idle-Free Ambassadors will make their way to GO stations, schools and gas bars in the G.T.A. to explain that shutting off your engine helps keep our air breathable and saves cash.
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I think it is a great idea! There is no need to run your car for more than 3 minutes...it just wastes gas and pollutes the air. So why not turn it off.

Or...better yet...buy a Toyota Prius (click here for Prius info). This is what I drive. It is a gas/electric hybrid car. When idling or driving at slow or steady speeds, the gas engine turns off and the car runs completely off of electricity. But when you need to speed up or take off, the gas engine turns on. It is a super-ultra-low-emissions car, so even when the gas engine is running, it puts out very few fumes. The battery never runs down because when you step on the brakes, it recharges the battery. So it never needs to be plugged in! I've had mine for over 2 years and it runs like a dream!
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I would love a hybrid. That is the plan for the next car we will get. It probably won't be for a few more years as ours is running fine now!
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