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Love from new kitty!

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I got my first kitten about 2 weeks ago. He's about 10 weeks. I can tell he totally recognizes me now from others and gets SUPER excited when I get home. He sleeps on my bed most of the day when I'm gone even when others try to bring her downstairs and play with her. She usually runs back up and goes directly to my room and sleeps on my bed. At nights I've been letting her sleep on my bed with me but since he gets alot of sleep during the day he tends to keep me up by comming right to my face and meowing and breathing his fishy breath on me. lol I love it it's super cute but I cant sleep. Once i comfort him and rub his belly until he is ready to sleep he walks up on my face and sits on my neck and puts his chin on my chin. MAN thats cute. He wont sleep until i let him do that. I'm guessing he likes the warmth of my breath comming out of my nose. His wiskers make me jump in the middle of the night and I cant move freely because his face is on mine and I dont want to wake him. As much as I think he's the cutest thing ever born, my sleep has been cut to a fraction and I have been sleeping2-4 hour nights. I put him in a differnt room tonight with very little furniture with a bunch of toys, a scratch carpet, his litter box, food, water and towels and blankets and some stuffed animals. I even tried to play with him for about a half an hour and make him run around the room to make him comfortable and get him tired befor I leave but I feel terrible. My bed is so empty!!! Will he be ok? it's 1:30 am and I cant sleep thinking about him but I dont want to open his door and remind him that I left him alone.
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The good news is that he'll lose some of that kitten rambuctiousness and be much calmer in just a few weeks. He'll be OK by himself, but he WILL be lonesome and miss you.
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I find my sleep disturbed but it's because I just HAVE to acknowledge them. I COULD ignore them, but I just love them SOOOO much I NEED to give them attention and get their purrs and head butts. I miss out on sleep but I gain something that, to me, is worth it. Doesn't happen all the time so I put up with it.

Enjoy your kitten, they are only young once. The day will come when you will miss these kitten days!
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