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Happy Birthday Johnboy!

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Soooooo.. it was my sweet little Johnboy's birthday today! I find it so special that he was born on my bday.. a belated birthday present as I didn't adopt him until June! So here are some then & now pics to celebrate him! :]


The pic I fell in love with on Petfinder..

Taking advantage of the exhaustion of his first night at home & sneaking in a smooch! This is the only photo I have of us together when he was a kitten.. yep, he hated kisses and hugs back then too!

He had the biggest little cartoon eyeballs..!

Just looking cute..

The beginning of his Q-Tip addiction!

He looks older in this picture, but it was taken around the same time.

Playing with Billy..

Actually, we didn't adopt him at all.. he came in a case of Arizona Iced Tea!

Enjoying the view with Billy..

Starting to grow up..

Playing the cutest little hurt kitty ever, recovering from a booboo. <3

Bravely hunting dangerous, inanimate feathers.. lol.

Blending in!

&.. a video of him as a baby! This was taken right after we got home from adopting Johnboy.. Billy was a bit of a bully for awhile, but Johnboy was so patient about everything..
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Hanging with Billy..

Patiently waiting for me to break out the Q-Tips..

More hunting.. but this time from in the bathtub!

Catching his toy mouse..

One of his silly faces!

you Johnboy!

& a few of 30 second videos of him today..

I hope he makes everyone else smile too!
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Awww what a little treasure Johnboy is.
Your pics made me awww and laugh. I love the one on video where hes got his legs sprawled what a little nut
That pic of you kissing him as a baby is too sweet for words
The pic of him blending in on the sofa awwww

All of your pics are fantastic, I really enjoyed looking at them and seeing the videos.

Happy Birthday to you both! I hope you enjoyed your Birthday together

How old is he today?
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Happy birthday to both of you!!!

What an adorable little boy! And he's grown into such a handsome big boy!!

He's definitely spreading the smiles on his special day.
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Aw, Johnboy was a sweetie as a kitten (and so cute!), and he's grown up into a handsome young man. Happy birthday to the both of you!

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WOW! Johnboy is sooo handsome!
Happy Birthday to both of you!!
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Johnboy is sooooo handsome! Happy birthday to the two of you. I hope you had a wonderful day.

The kitten pictures are fabulous, especially the one of you sneaking a smooch.
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What a fantastic pictoral timeline. He's a beautiful kitty. Such expression!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JohnBoy! And you too!
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Happy Birthday Johnboy I just love his face what a cutie
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Oh Happy Happy Birthday sweetiepie......
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Happy Birthday Johnboy!

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What a cutie! I love his "silly face" photo Priceless! and the one where he is standing on his hind legs. So talented!

The pic of the two of them on top of the entertainment? center was sooo sweet!
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Wow, it was really great to get home and read so many sweet and lovely birthday wishes! Thanks so much for brightening our day guys!And of course, I'm very glad he triggered smiles for some of you! This was his very first birthday and he got so many yummy goodies on Tuesday, he's just now coming out of his treat coma!

Thanks again! You guys are the best!
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Treat-induced coma. Hah. Glad that he had a great first birthday, and I hope you did, too. (Birthday, that is, not first birthday. It would be pretty impressive that you could use a computer if you were only one).
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I love the coloring on his face, he is adorable!
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