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What's cookin?

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For lunch that is?? It is lunch time here where I'm at, and I am fixing pizza rolls for the kids and I...yummmm
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Hubby broke out the smoker yesterday, so I had a smoked honey garlic sausage on french bread with a few pieces of fruit for lunch. Last night and tonight for dinner are smoked ribs! Yum!
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Yumm..your lunch is better than mine...can I come over and have some of yours??
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Sure - I have enough smoked sausage to feed a small army. Hubby's theory is, if the smoker is on, might as well make it worth our while. I will be tired of smoked sausage soon. It will probably be tomorrows lunch also!
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I would love smoked sausages too!

Just had some white meat chicken nuggets with honey mustard. Nothing exciting.
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I'm back on the wagon after weeks of eating with abandon, so it was a grilled cheese sandwich, campbells blended vegetable medley soup and baby carrots. sausage sandwiches sound much better but if I don't get my act together my clothes are going to get tight
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Lean Cuisine Thai Chicken thingie (it was on sale at the grocery store), Thai veggie salad from cafeteria downstairs (usually good but HORRIBLE today-the veggies were frozen!) and caffeine free diet coke. I really want a pizza.
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