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More Doberman pictures! lol

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Well, someone else got to share their pictures of their doberman, so here is my boy! This is Vicson Diplomatics Legend de Nonino, aka Renic. He just turned 1 year old on April 2, 2009.

We are getting ready for a show at the end of May so you may see more pics!

Here he is stacked pretty!

Playing with Kita, my mom's husky

Snoozy with Karma, my 5 month old great dane.
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He's really gorgeous! I really love dobes and danes, although i'll probably never own one I love seeing other peoples! Such regal dogs.
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Awwww so handsome! I hope he does well for his show
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Gorgeous! And I absoultely love Great Danes too, you have beautiful dogs!
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Renic is beautiful but I'm in love with Karma!
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Your mom's Husky ain't too shabby-looking either. Love the pics of them playing!
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OMG all of your dogs are amazing! You have one very pretty dane! But I do have a soft spot for them! LOL! Very pretty dobie too! Good luck with the show!
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Ooooooo pretty boy!!!! You and I will need to talk!!!! I'm planning to show my girl once she's a bit older and filled out, she's 5 months old right now.

Thanks for sharing!!!
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You got a gorgeous boy. And a beautiful Dane! I must say, as a former GD owner, Danes are my absolute favorite dog breed. I've always wanted a fawn too!! My baby was a mantle.
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