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I live on the bank of the Assiniboine River about 2 blocks from where it meets the very overflowing Red know the one that is causing so much concern in Fargo and Grand Forks?

Well, for days I've been telling the agency that the water is rising fast! I can look out my window and see the water level in relation to our parking lot. Yet nothing has been done to build a sand bag dike!

Yesterday I looked out and the water was nearly at the edge of our parking lot, which slopes towards the building.

Today I look out and it's right at the edge and spilling over in a large area.

It's now 8:30 pm and there is a truck just now delivering sand bags! I sure hope they plan on slapping some of them down tonight, because I may be evacuated by morning if the water hits our basement and they have to cut off the gas and electricty!
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Ok, I had a better look outside. There are people building the dike. However, the large garbage cans are going to be once again, on the water side of the dike! Idiots!
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Ack!! Stay safe Linda!
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Thanks! I took my garbage out before they cut them off.

I can't for the life of me understand why they don't plan ahead for these things and have the BFI company relocate the trash bins to the front of the building!

In 1997 they moved the bins to the front of the building before they built the dike. However, each year after that they didn't and ended up building the dike between us and the trash bins!

Some manage to get over the dike to take their garbage out, but the trucks can't get in to empty them, so what's the point?!

After today I'll be lugging a small bag of trash with me to work everyday so I can dispose of it in their bins
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I have to work tomorrow morning. I doubt I'll be getting any sleep tonight!

There is a front end loader out back dragging the garbage bins across the parking lot to higher ground. The BFI garbage trucks were here this morning, they could have easily moved the bins then.

Let's just hope that they are putting a plastic barrier between the water and sand bag dike. When I took my trash out I didn't see any plastic.

Now they're all yelling! *sigh*
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Sounds like they waited until the last minute so they are working into the night? Yikes!! I hope they get it completed, but use their inside voices and their brains.

Be careful!!
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I'm up! Can't say that I slept very much. The last time I looked at the clock it was after 4 am

I looked and at least they had the commonsense to move the trash and recycle bins, unlike last year. A lot of good they would have done us last year floating down the Red towards Lake Winnipeg!
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Very scary! Stay safe
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I've been through a couple of floods, and it can be very scary. I hope you're doing OK.

You know there ARE flood plots in every American city that show the exact level of every building, road, etc. You'd think they would look at those plots, if they have them in your area, and know exactly where they need to sandbag.
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Hope you're ok--please let us know?????
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I'm fine

Our dike isn't doing so well though! There are some areas where it seems to be failing with the water at the top.

They updated the flood forecast! We are now experiencing a flood that is deemed to be the 2nd worse one we've had in the last 100 years! Our worse one was in 1997. Apparently we are going to come in about 2 feet under that flood. However, we are supposed to get rain for the next couple of days!!!
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