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what would you do?

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I have/had? a tom cat for about two years.

He was a rescue cat, and we got on fine. Over time he kept on visiting my neighbour downstairs, as he seems to like men more than women. Perhaps he was reared by a male?

Anyway cut a long story short. He simply has moved out! He lives now with my neighbour.

I am really fed up to be honest.

Anyway, I drop off food to my neighbour as I feel he is still my responsibility, but I dont see my cat, not even a hello, or a quick peek at the door.

My neighbour loves him, so I dont know should I just forget about my cat??

I suffer with asthma so in a way it's a blessing, but do cats do this? I feel very unloved I must say!
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I know it's hard when you think you've bonded with the kitty, but cats do choose their humans. Can you talk to your neighbor about making the cat officially his and having him take over full responsibility for food, vet bills, etc.? Then you could go to a shelter and find another kitty who really clicks with you.
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Cats do pick their masters..I however am lucky..our indoor cat has his choice with both of us. He is with my Husband during the day..he is mine at night. He will sit on my lap at night. We both feed him..
Also cats can tell if some one is or isn't a cat person. They will move in on them & make friends with them.
I hope you find a little kitten..that would probably be best.
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first of all let me give you a quick hug

Maybe your tom really has had bad experiences with a women or he prefers men. Don't take it too hard, please!

Do you get on well with your neighbour?

Would you consider getting a new kitty- or would you rather not due to your asthma?


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