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eating off of paws

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does anyone elses cat hook their food on their paws and eat it off of them?Or is this just my crazy cat? be it wet food or dry food guardian hooks his food with his paws and puts it in his mouth. anyone else?
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None of mine do but I once dated a guy who had a cat that had 6 toes on each foot, so he had big thumbs. He would pick his food up and eat it out of his paw. I always got a huge kick out of it.
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Haha one of my cats does that. He gets his food with his paw and eats it!! super cute
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Both of the cats do that, but Squee does it more often. It's cute!
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Riley doesn't eat off his paw but he does use his paws to scoop food out of the bowl so he can eat it off the floor
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My cats eat like this too! It is the sutest thing to watch
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i got 9 kitties and 6 of them sometimes eat wet food of their paws. 2 of them dip their paws into the water bowl and lick water of their paws.
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Mine does! One morsel of dry food at a time in the paw. It's too cute! Or, Maggie will scoop a few pieces out and lay them on the floor to eat. She has a small ceramic bowl and if she's being real lazy, she lays down and eats. She's such a silly butt.
Years ago, I had 2 cats that would try to eat at the same time and one would either paw the bowl away from the other or pull out a piece at a time while the other had their face in it. It was too cute but I felt bad so gave them each their own bowl. It didn't fix the problem, they still ate that way
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