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paper shredder

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I have an 8 month old calico that just loves our paper shredder. Every time she hears me shredding papers she comes running and bats at the shredded strips coming out of the feeder. I have found that I must dump the shredded paper when I am done or she reaches in and drags all the paper shreds out and bats them all over the house. Now it has gotten even worse as she has taught our other cat to do the same thing.
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Considerate of her to share her new game with her feline companion.
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I love cats, but unfortunately I had to get rid of my "Tiger" because my nephew is allergic. My old paper shredder was going out and so I decided to get a new one. While researching for a paper shredder, I came across many sad stories of toddlers, cats and dogs being injured by the paper shredder because a parent, or someone left the shredder in auto mode and plugged in. Please be careful since your cat loves the shredder. Always unplug it and never have it in auto mode unless you are there. There are also some that have the feature that will turn off whenever a hand or paw gets near the shredder opening.

Enjoy your cat I miss my orange "Tiger".
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Yeah, not to jump on the panic bandwagon, but I cringed when I opened this thread, expecting to read something tragic. I've read some horror stories as well regarding pets and paper shredders.

Take care. Just sayin'.
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Some of my cats are scared by the sound of the paper shredder and others just ignore it. However, they all love to climb on it when it's not in use. I turn it off and unplug it every time. Same with my toaster.
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lol I dont need a paper shredder, not when you have a Man Cake who likes to do it himself he likes toilet paper and paper towels, still working on him shredding the bills
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Hmm...while I myself do not own a paper shredder..I do understand the felling of watching one's papers,files,etc etc..being batted and kicked at all over the's one of Skunks odd habits..I bought him toys and yet he will still be a menace about such things as paper when the need calls for it.
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