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introduced new kitten have questions

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I have a 9 month old female unspayed never ever has been outside. I had corrispondings with a woman to pick up a "female" kitten last night. Well I sent my husband to pick her up and he did. He gets it home and to my surprise the kitten is not a girl but a boy!!! He is young only 8 weeks old according to the woman. She told me he hadnt had his dinner yet so i fed him as soon as he got to me. Didn't even think of my older cat at that time was more worried about feeding him.

Well my older cat came in to the kitchen and i was prepared to snatch her up being he was eating but instead she went up sniffed him and began purring and snuggling with him no cat fight at all! They did fine all night she is my baby so of course she got more attention than he did last night. Well i got up today and caught her carrying him by the back of his neck around with her like a momma cat does. She wasn't hurting him and he didn't seem at all to mind. my question is... Is this normal behavior for a cat that has never even had her own kittens?

also just so everyone knows being I now have 2 of opposite sexes being she is older and bigger I am making an appt. to have her spayed this coming week and as soon as he is a little bigger he will be neutered as well! I won't be taking any chances!!!
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The basic maternal instinct is in every female of every species.
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Looks like your female thinks you brought her home a baby of her very own, . It's not uncommon, especially if she isn't spayed yet. But as long as you've got plans to spay/neuter them, it shouldn't cause any problems at all.
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At least she likes him...
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My cats do that.
I find them on Coco my old cat.
Oreo and Sasha both were trying to nurse on Coco and she let them.
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That is sweet.
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That is so sweet! I have never heard of it before but it doesn't surprise me. She has her own little baby to look after now . Sounds like it was meant to be, enjoy it!
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They have been getting along great. They sleep together, play together, eat together. She has got a little to rough with him when he plays with her but I am guessing it is only because she doesn't know any better. She doesn't realize how much smaller he is. I will step in and stop the roughness and he jumps right back on her face lol it is too funny!!!

She propably would have made a great mommy to her own but i can not be that irresponsible!!! I wouldn't risk adding to the already high number of kittens and cats that end up abused or in the shelter! I love her and animals in general too much to do something like that. Oh well she has her baby now she loves him dearly and by the looks of it he loves her just as much. It is so cute to hear him cry and her run from room to room looking for him to make sure he is ok!!!
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awwwwwwwww sweet story.
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That's too cute! I love it! Also glad to hear you're getting her spayed and not going to let them get up to any funny business once he's bigger. From the sound of things, it seems like she's pretty content with 'her' adopted son!

Which brings me to this- can you post some pictures of the cuties????
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here are the direct links to pics in photobucket. I couldnt figure out how to post them directly. Funny thing today.... I caught him trying to nurse on her and she was just laying there letting him try lol.
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That is such a great story! I was worried at first when I read she hasn't been spayed and you brought in a kitten. How wonderful she became mom instead of rejecting him. You definitely need to have her spayed and him neutered before he becomes of age!
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she is going in to be spayed not this coming week but the following. He will be going in when he is a little bigger. He is very tiny prolly a lb or 2. I am gonna hold off on him until around 12 weeks to make sure he is a little bigger. He is going in this coming week for his shots and check up though.
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