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Mischka needs a loving family

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I am Mischka's Aunt, she is my brother's three year old. My brother is currently in bad health and cannot look after her for some time, maybe months, possibly never again.

She is a wonderful sweetie who takes a bit to warm up to you, but once she does, she will love you to death. Has all her shots, is in great health and has been spayed. I tried posting a picture but can't ... can anyone help me with that????!!!!

If anyone here lives near Brownsville, TX. and could take her in, it would be a wonderful thing to do. She definitely deserves to have a new family to be with. Send me a message to my email for more info if necessary.

Please help me find her a new home... be an
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I need to insist if there is anyone in the Brownsville area who could help with Mischka, I would really appreciate it. Please help us find her a new home.
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Have you posted her picture and story on any bulletin boards at vet offices, grocery stores, gyms, etc. ?

Have you talked to all of your brother's neighbors to see if they would adopt her?

Have you talked to vet offices in the area and asked if they are familiar with any rescue groups in the area?

Have you talked to every extended family member to see if someone in the family will give her a home? Maybe all the family members can ask and post her pic/story at their work place?

Last resort would be to check for any no kill shelters in your area. That is so hard for an adult cat to go from a home to a kennel.

I pray you find a happy solution for her and that your brother recovers. If your brother will be cared for by a family member instead of a hospital long term, can he keep the cat with him? Most of us would feel better with our family pets close by when we are ill. Just a thought.
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Thank you Skimble! I really appreciate you took the time to give ideas and pray for us finding a solution. It worked!!!!

Mischka will be going to a friend of my brother who loves cats and is willing to take her in while my brother recovers or for good.

My parents and I are taking care of my brother and we are not near Brownsville. We had thought of bringing Mischka with us but there are various reasons why this would not be possible.

Nevertheless, things are looking better for all: Mischkinha has a new home, my brother is doing better and all is good in the Universe.

Thanks to all those who kept Mischka in their thoughts, I am one who truly believes in the power of group thoughts and prayers.

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I'm so glad you found a safe home for Mischka while your brother recovers!!! I hope your brother will soon be in good health and they can be reunited.

Please update us when you can.
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