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Can a cat be that attacthed to a human?

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Our cat has now been with us 3 weeks. Sawyer is a 10 month newly neutered cat. He is "officially" my 15 year old daughters cat. She constantly loves on him, holds him like a baby, talks to him etc. He is the most affectionate cat I ever met. Whenever she leaves the room and shuts a door to the room she is in, ie bathroom, bedroom....he yowls and yowls and walks around all lost. The minute she comes out he is fine and runs to her. She can be in my office on her computer and he is fine walking around as long as he knows she is there. But leave the room and hide and he runs all over yowling looking for her.

I have never seen this type of cat behavior. It's very dog like and endearing. lol.
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Our Wickett is the same way. I swear he's a dog trapped in a cats body. He's very attached to us both but more so to me I think. He follows me around and given the choice will sit snuggled up against me instead of DH. But on the weekends when I get up first, he'll snuglle for a bit then go upstairs to roust DH out of bed so we can both be with him.
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what is Sawyer's background? Perhaps he didn't get enough love/affection in his past? He also is newly arrived in strange surroundings - very stressful for a cat. He feels safe with your daughter - and wants to return to his 'safe place'.

My cat totally thinks I'm her mother. She is very attached but still gives me kitty-aloofness to put me in my place.

WHen I picked up my girl for the first time she said "Please love me" then didn't leave my side for days and days. Once she got more secure in her enviornment she was less needy/clingy. I kinda miss those days sometimes
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My Smokey was like that, but I had her from the time she was 8 weeks old. When I would leave the house she would drive my Mom crazy walking around calling for me. Then when I came home Smokey would meow like she was giving me a lecture about being gone.
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When Dottie goes out the door, Sterling will stand there and cry like his heart is broken.

But he gets over it pretty quickly. Food helps.
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Bijou's little sister, Tianna, owned by one of our members (Carolcat) is like that. Carol calls Tia her velcro kitty. If Carol goes outside to the garden, Tia will cry at the door until her meowmy comes back in.
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What will happen in a couple of years when your daughter goes off to college?
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yeah my two are the same they have to be in the same room as us otherwise they will make it clear they want us to go back into the room.

my mams cat does it also, he loves my lil bro whos 18 lol and will sit and cry until he sees him again or unless my mam feeds him
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All of my thre are clingy, but Sophie is far worse than Rosie and Jack.

I have to shut them in the conservatory while the builders are in the house, but the minute i lock the door she's crying for me at the top of her voice

The minute i lie down on the sofa, even if Sophies asleep in her bed, she wakes up to jump on my lap.

She's here now on my lap and it'd hard to type but i can't move her
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How cute is that! Looks like your daughter and this little guy have created a life long bond. CDubbie is probably correct in saying its scary for the little guy and he feels safe with your daughter. That’s amazing, a lot of cats like to hide when they are scared, you’re daughter seems like a great Mommy to your new boy.

My Bugsy is like a dog, he’s extremely high maintenance, we like to refer to him as our “Divaâ€. He has gotten more independent but still will most likely always be at least in the same room as me, if not on my lap, or in my way LOL. He always sleeps with me, but now does not freak out when he can’t find me, he knows I always come back. Maybe your little guy just needs a little bit more confidence, which will come in time I am sure. With the amount of love you said your daughter is giving him, he will grow up to be a confident, stable and loving boy.

What a sweet story!
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I'm no expert or whatever, but I do know that Bella is EXTREMELY attached, and everyone who sees her behavior toward me comments on it. She is affectionate when she's not in one of her moods, and when she is being catty and exploring by herself, she has to be where I am, or at least know where I am. She follows me everywhere and talks to me. My favorite is when I leave her in my room, and I'm close to it and I'm talking - she hears me, and starts calling for me.

Cats are amazing creatures, and I don't doubt that they can make such a close attachment, just like dogs do. It's kind of humbling if a cat does make that kind of attachment to you, because they really don't need you or anyone else most of the time! I'm glad your daughter gets to have that kind of experience
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Cello is my silent watchman. OK, he's a siamese so he's not silent at ALL. But he is super attached to me, much more then my other cat. Anytime I'm home I am in his eyeshot, or he is physically laying on top of me. If i'm in the shower he lays infront of the bathroom door until i come out. I think it's the guarding instinct in him~

That's really cute that he loves your daughter and really great that your daughter is a cat lover
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Zane is hot and cold. Either he wants nothing to do with me, or he's Velcro Kitty.
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My Alley was like that. She was definitely mama's kitty.

My boys follow me around now, but I think they just like to see what I'm doing
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My Apollo is like that. Super affectionate. He's a year old and I got them both when they were 8 months. He wants to be picked up and held every two to three hours. If I want to pick him up he will let me anytime except when he is playing with Rocky.
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