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Sexual behaviour after neutering??

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Hello there!

My cat was neutered as soon as it was safe to do so (which was about 2 years ago now), however recently he has been doing something really rather strange. His fave place to sit during the day is on a perch high up in the airing cupboard (the perch was used for towels etc but he has taken it over and has a penthouse like room up there!) One evening i noticed that he was purring REALLY loudly so opened the door to find him kneading with his paws on his blanket and seemed to be experiencing some sort of sexual behaviour. Lately he also does it to the throws on the sofas and to my wollen jumpers (hard to ignore when you have people round!!). I have had him checked by the vet to make sure the neutering was succsessful and it was, in fact the vet told me he had never heard of an animal after neutering at such a young age experiencing sexual feelings years after.

I am baffled then as to what this behaviour is, has anyone else experienced anything like this with their cats.....or do i just have an over amourous cat!!!

Thanks for your replies!
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What age was he neutered? I had one boy neutered at 9 months old and although he never sprayed, he had a girlfriend, which was an angora jersey.
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Thanks for your reply,

Ha ha ha well glad to know its not just my jerseys then!!

He was just 4 1/2 months when neutered.

Anna x
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We went through several months of Bastian having behavior like that. He was neutered at about 6 months old, and his "amorous" behavior with my comforter started at about 12 months I think. He's 18 months now, and I haven't seen him do that for a couple of months now so I am hoping he has outgrown it!
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Boys will be boys. My one Oci was neutered at 3 or 3 1/2 months before the breeder gave him to us. So he never experienced breeding, etc. Yet he will still get excited at times when kneeding (usually at night when in bed with us).

I really don't think the "mind" changes the fact they know they are boys and while the equipment is not there for breeding, they still will experience a little excitement at times.
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That behavior is to some extent also dominance.
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Jasper was neutered years ago, but he still tries it on with De when she's in heat! The will is there just not the way... I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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Yes, that's a normal behavior for many neutered male cats. My cat does it, and the cat my family had before him also did. It makes them happy and they're not hurting anyone, so why not?

If your cat is choosing belongings that you don't want him to use, try giving him his own fuzzy blanket or pad to use instead.
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very normal, don't worry over it

not sure you can switch him to use something else, never worked for me.
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