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Some vibes needed please - caution graphic

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Hi folks

If you have a spare minute could you please send some vibes to poor, sweet Lincoln.

My Mum just told me about this story. This happened less then 10 minutes from my place. Poor Lincoln was used as bait for dog fighting.

Be warned before you click, there are no images but it's very hard for any animal lover to read.

Please send some that Lincoln recovers fast.
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Lots of for Lincoln and I hope they find the b@stards responsible
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Grrr. I hate when this happens.

My sister years ago had a cat stolen from her and used as dog fighting bait-never caught the people responsible either.
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for poor Lincoln!

I hope the catch the people responsible and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Here in Oklahoma, dog fighting is a felony. Do you know what the laws are on dog fighting in New Zealand?
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That is horrible! How can anyone be that rotten to an old dog!
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I'll take your word for the graphic content, and simply send many for Lincoln and that the perpetrator(s) get what he/she/it/they deserve.
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That is terrible.
I hope they catch them and throw away the key.
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I will never understand how twisted people like this are - they should take the owners of those pits and throw them in a lions den so they can feel what that poor dog was going through!!! That sickens me.

:vi bes: Get well buddy!
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Thanks everybody for the vibes. I didn't know him but gosh this really caught my heart strings!

If I see an update, I'll let you know. They will probably get off with a fine.

All I can find about the laws here is that it was illegal. People get away with murder here so why would dog fighting be any different
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An update on this story:

Lincoln was on our TV news again last night and he appears to be doing well. The reward has hit NZ$20,000 for any evidence witnesses may have.

Here are some links:

Please keep sending this little guys way and that his abusers get caught.
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Poor Licoln I hope they catch those responsible and give them what they deserve,it just makes me sick lots of vibes and love going Licoln's way.
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Lots of and healing for poor Lincoln!!
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Some people are just sick in the heads. I pity any poor animal who crosses their path, including the pits they own - no doubt they've been turned into deranged fighting machines by these so-called humans.

Many healing vibes for Lincoln!
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That is awful!! Poor Lincoln!! That is just disgusting! I really really hope they find those jerks and get what they deserve. How about I try breaking their legs??? Many love and prayers to lincoln
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I hope Lincoln continues to get better. If they ever catch the people who did this I hope they break their legs and set Pit Bulls on them!
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