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Daily Thread Tues April 14th!

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Wlpe, its back to work for everyone today. I was at work yesterday, but today the traffic will be worse.

I am off soon to the office. We are meeting at the gym tonight for a quick workout. Josh has an exam today and tomorrow and then 2 on Thursday! Poor guy! So he has been working hard. He got accepted into both the MBA and the MHA programs at Ottawa U, so I am super proud of him

Anyhoo, off to work peeps! Have a good one!

Oh I almost forgot...sunny and 10 degrees today!!
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The sun's coming up. Looks like it's cool and dry.

I have a driver's meeting today at 4:45 p.m., then a run to Austin and Plano. All "local" runs this week, no sleeping in the truck.
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Morning All!!!

Little on the chilly side right now but is suppose to be much warmer this afternoon.

Have therapy on my hands in about an hour and after that am going grocery shopping.

This afternoon I want to stop by the garden shop to get a few ideas for the color scheme for my planters this year. Last year I did reds and pinks which was nice.
However this year I am trying to decide between yellows and purples. I am thinking purple because of the better range of shades.

The kitties are good, having breakfast right now, they have been tearing around since early this morning. I guess they like the nicer weather as well.

Everyone have a great day
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Hello All,

A cooler start to the day and windy-highes about mid 50's.

The cold is still hanging on. I went to bed early (9-ish) and I thought slept well until 4:30 when the cats wanted attention but am still tired. Grrrrr. Seems the cough has abated and transferred to my head now.

Well I'm drink some coffee at work then if I need it!

Not doing much this morning except listening to Bender's yowling!! I put him back in the garage for now to have some quiet.

The rest are on their morning naps.

Sticking a beef roast in the crock pot before I head off to work. Will think of accompaniments when I get home.

Have a good day
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I'm taking the day off from work so that I can take Tiny to the vet. She's got a small cyst on her back, maybe just a swollen sebaceous gland, that I want to get looked at. After we get back, I need to go pick up a prescription for Tre, get some more canned food for the guys, and then pick up some groceries for me. After that, I'll probably read a few papers and then I may take a quick nap this afternoon.

The weather will probably be a bit dreary with scattered thunderstorms and a high in the upper 50's. It's a good day for hanging out inside with the cats.
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Nice sunny day. The wind has finally died down.Would love to do some yard work. But the stitches in my face are starting to pull and bending down makes it worse. they come out hopefully thursday,,Running up to the vets to get frontline plus for the cats and dog. we found a tick on the dog allready!
Then coming home to make filling for stuffed shellss that I'm making for dinner tonight..Tonight is card night going to a friends to play cards after supper.
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Today was crazzy!! after school I went to the barn to ride and it was sooo windy!! Joe didnt buck me off tho thank God!! I am supposed to be doing math right now since I have a test tomorrow and my animal science mid-term in thursday!
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I worked all day & now I'm relaxing with the babies watching American Idol (I just took the furbabies ear plugs out, now that Adam is done singing )
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