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I miss my Cammy.

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This is much harder then I thought it would be. No snuggles tonight. I just hate thinking of her in a cage at the vet's. I bet she's so confused.
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You are so good to her and give her all of your love and care, so I bet she knows you'd NEVER leave without returning for her. The absence of cuddles is difficult though.. I've read that pet owners whose animals sleep in their beds get less quality of sleep.. but I never slept so terribly than I did without my sweet kitties.

Hoping the night flies by for the both of you!
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If she is anything like Chynna, I bet you miss her more than she misses you!

Earlier this year I took Chynna in and she had to stay for 2 nights because I was working and couldn't pick her up. Plus it gave the vet a chance to check her over properly.

I missed my baby girl terribly! She always lays on the pillow next to me and gives me nose kisses and purrs her little heart out while I scritch her chin and give her paw massages. It was so hard to not have her in bed with me when I fell asleep.

When I did pick her up I found out that she had been Miss Social Butterfly. She had the whole office wrapped around her little paw and was soaking up all of the attention being lavished on her Honestly I don't think she wanted to come home!

Cammy will be back home with you before you know it. Right now she is in good hands.
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You must be in shear torture! It's so hard to leave our babies and not know exactly what they're doing. Are they afraid or lonely? Are they sleeping and not bothered at all?
You'll be reunited soon Just think about all those extra kisses, cuddles and purrs when she's back home!
that your night goes by fast!
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I know exactly how you feel!! I missed my baby Jake I almost cried when he was at the vets to be neutered
Here are some vibes for her!
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When Thor was at the vet's overnight for his stomach trouble, our place just wasn't the same without him. Pandora cried for him all day and went sticking her head in boxes and under stuff looking for him (she's little so she'll fit anywhere!)

When I came back to get him, the vet has a couple of cats that stay at the office, and one is a little black kitten that looked like Thor when he was little. They told me that this little kitten and Thor were big buddies and he let her eat his food. Such a gentleman! LOL.
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I can really really relate!! I never realized how much I'm used to Bodhi & Siddha sleeping next to me until I went home to my mom's to visit one Saturday night. We have our little routine where Bodhi jumps up and gives me lots of head butts and I give him kisses and tell him night-night, and Siddha sits on my chest and purrs while I scratch him under his chin. I had the WORST time falling asleep at my mom's because I was so worried that the kitties would be searching for me all night and wondering why I wasn't home and in bed with them.

What got me through was planning out how much love and attention I would give them when I got home.
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The last time I had to leave Zane overnight, they told me that every time anyone came near his cage he growled. They brought him out in his stroller, and I could hear it, a low bass rumble. Quite scary.
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