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I miss my girls!

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My sd and Amber have been at my MIL's for 3 days now, and she wants to keep them for the rest of this week until like Friday I think....she finally got a banister put up in her house so I let them go back out there...they haven't been there since that time I complained about her not having a banister.....anyway...It is just soo weird with them being gone for so long........
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Enjoy your time off!!!! You probably won't get it again for while. It's nice that your MIL is willing to take them for so long though, how nice is that??
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Awww {{{HUGS}}} It's Alright They'll come back
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I always say that when the kids are out for the day. Then when they get back I can't for them to out again. My 6 year old dd started the summer program at school today and the house was so quiet. My 3 year old and I lounged around all day!!
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My daughter is at her grandmothers house, I took her there last Thursday and was supposed to go pick her back up on this Thursday, its a 6 hour drive and she called and whispered," I want to come home" so her Grandma couldnt hear her. So funny! Looks like I will be making a 6 hour drive to go and get her early now, and another 6 hours back all in the same day. I knew she wouldnt last a full week though, she loves to be at home! I'm the same way though and I do miss her.
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