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Dragonlady and Hissy,

thank you so much!!
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Sounds like things are going well.

It took around two weeks before Mischief and Niko would accept Isis. Actually two weeks before Mischief would accept Isis and longer for Niko. Mischief would creep up behind Isis, sniff at her, and as long as her back was turned would be fine. Then when she turned around Mischief would hiss and then run away. Niko would scare me more. Isis would wander over near her and Niko would raise her paw in the air like she planned on bopping Isis on the head in a not so nice manner. But eventually time passed and the three of them are pals.
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This is what happened this morning: MM went up to GG and raised her front paws and "pat" on GG for a few times. Then the two were chasing after each other, with the paws waving in the air. There were no hissing and no growling, just pure movement. Of course, my husband and I yelled at the both of them. Then, MM's tail got poofed up after she got yelled by us.

Are they playing or fighting?????

Thanks for the help. Jean
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Well it sounds like cat chasey to me. My two cats do the same thing and they both have instigated it so they're both ratbags.

Russell will walk up to Esper and sniff. Then he will walk away and then circle back and pat her on the head. Then Esper pats Russell back. Then one of them will run off with the other madly dashing after the first one with no concern for humans or furniture.

I have yelled on occasions to tell them to stop. But all that does is scare both of them. It's better to separate them for a short while if cat chasey is driving you bananas.

MM's tail poofing up was in reaction to you yelling at her. She got scared by you two for a bit there.
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I yelled at mine the first time I saw them locked in what looked like a death grip. ALl that happened was that if they were playing, and I came into the room, they would both look really guilty and stop what they were doing. I found out that cat play is really rough looking. But they love it.

The rule of thumb that I use, based on advice here, was to listen - if one cat is squealing or crying to get away and can't, then you may intervene. And watch their ears, if one has its ears laid back on its head, and is growling or hissing, then its time to break it up. But don't yell, just make a loud noise or something to distract them.

I love watching them play. They grab each other, kicking, and with their mouths open trying to bite. But if one cat stops, the other goes right back to start up again. They love it.
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thank you all for the tips. I will remember that! Gosh... there are so much to learn from my cats.
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They sound fine- really. They sound like they are rediscovering kittenhood! LOL It really is typical play time that you have been describing. They sound like they are having fun together.
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