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Need Help Now !!!! My new cat hisses and growls!!

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Hello, I posted amessage here yesterday regarding introducing cats to each other. Please refer to the previous message for background informaiton.

Now, I brough MM home. But the other cat, GG, keeps on hissing and growling. I am so scared. So I have kept GG in the bedroom while MM is wondering around in the house. I brought some blanket and stuffs that have MM's scent into the bedroom. When GG approaches those stuffs, he hisses and growls. On the other hand, MM is very friendly and cann't wait to see GG.

What should I do??????? GG is also hiding underneath the bed. It really tears my heart to GG acting in such way. I really want GG to know that I still love him as always.

Thanks for your help. Jean
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Hissing and growling is known as posturing, and it is entirely normal when two cats meet for the first time. The dominant one will usually be the one hissing and growling. The warning signs that indicated a battle is nearing are:

growling and hissing while the:

ears are flattened
eyes are slitted
tail is twitching really slow
the cat is in a crouched position
the teeth are bared

Those are the warning signs that means you best have a heavy blanket to throw over two cats who will be fighting in a matter of minutes.
Use the vanilla extract trick, to make them smell the same, and that will help.
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Hi Hissy...

I don't have vanilla extra at home. I have tried to brush both of them using the same brush. Hopefully that will make them smell a like.

I have now opened the door and there are seeing each other, but with a big distance. GG is still hissing and growling. He is now walking around in the house. He does not bare teeth when he growls. But when he sits on the floor under the chair, he squats down. I don't know whether that is the same as crunching...

MM is now hiding under the bed....

Gosh, it is more difficult than I thought.

Thanks for being there for me though.

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Patience will be your best bet...They will either hate each other or love each other, but they will definately get use to each other eventually...HTH
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Thanks for your advice. I do hope for the positive outcome. MM is now hiding under my blanket, while GG is waling around in the house.

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since this was a question about cat behavior I moved it to the proper forum. I'm sure it won't be long before you're one big happy family!

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I am sorry that I posted it at the wrong forum. Sorry for the inconvenience.

GG is now sitting on top of the cabinets in the kitchen while MM is walking around in the house as usual. GG is the new cat. Is that a normal behaviour for GG to hide? How long does it take for GG to come down and greet MM?


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It really does just take time and patience. They will come around, they are on their timetable, not yours- and there's the problem. You want and expect them to act like you wish they would, and they have to find their way to live with each other on their terms.
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thanks Hissy...

i guess i have no control over this. oh well, at least they are not fighting to each other now.

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It actually sound as if they are getting along fairly well. This may be over in a few days... Do they have extra litter boxes and food dishes? I know how stressful this is...just hang in there!
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you think they are getting along very well?????

well, here is the update. GG finally comes down from the top of the cabinet and went to his food dish. While GG was eating, MM was standing about less than a feet away watching him eat. After GG was finishing eating, MM started hissing and growling. GG of course hissed and growled back.. then both headed towarded different direction.

Now, MM is hiding under the bed while GG is hiding in the closet.

So, what does everybody think? It is my first time introducing two adult cats to each other. I am so stressed out now.

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sometimes cats hit right off right away(which is very unusual) but sometimes it may take a week or 2 or even months for them to totally get use to each other....Good Luck though and just let them do it on their own terms....Your first cat needs to make sure that your new kitty isn't a threat to him...
The first few days after we got Fluffy, Rocky hissed at her all the time,,but it was funny because he followed her everywhere she went and she was soo intimidated by him we would have to put him in the garage for a little while(he likes it out there anyway)so she could tour the house without having to be followed everywhere.....the first week, she slept in the main bathroom so Rocky could at least relax for the night....then on week 2, it was like a match made in Heaven.all cats do this on their own timing...so, just keep an eye on them, and let them do it their way..
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It is actually going quite well! I had one fella one time that lived up in our rafters for a year, before he decided to come down and join the gang.

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So you left food for him up there for him?? He is adorable!!
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Yep- Franklin ate up on the rafters for a year. I won't go into where he decided his litterbox was!

Point is, he came down one day and joined in the group as easy as could be. We tried everything we could think of, then just resorted to ignoring him- that worked!
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He has the sweetest most precious little face.....aww Frankie!! I am so glad you decided to come out of that rafter..
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I've still got two that live in the basement ceiling. They have been here a year, and they do come down when the basement door is closed and no one is there but me or DH, but never both, and when Samwise is around (he came with them). Orville loves Sam, Wilbur ignores Sam. They are very timid with the rest of the cats around here. Sam was the Alpha cat in their old home, and not scared of nothin', he came up out of the basement after only 3 or 4 days. and my 30 lb siamese is the alpha cat here, so Sam and Tzing-Tzing growl and his at each other at least once a day -- but the rest of the time they ignore each other. Every body else either sleep together or ignore each other -- depending on the day of the week or the phases of the moon.

As long as there is no blood shed or fur flying let them work it out.

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thank you all for the encouraging advice.

this is the update: GG and MM are still hissing and growling to each other. But there is always about a feet of distance between the two. MM at times would go up to GG to see what he is doing. Most of the time, they are sitting at each end of the room.

Hopefully they will get along well with each other soon.

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Only hissing and growling is good. It's screaming and fur flying that gets me scaired silly. Make sure to talk to your cats and let them know that the other cat is staying and you still love them bunches and that won't ever change.

I will be sitting my kitties down and letting them know we are adding a kitty and they will need to be gentle and make her feel at home. She is only going to be 12 weeks old and will have to learn alot from them. I hope the intro's go well.
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I am still learning every day after introducing my kitten Maestro to Buster in January. Buster still growls at Maestro and will go after him if he is too cheeky - he loves to sneak up on her and follow her about. I have found that they really rely on routine for a sense of stability and security. I keep them separate at night and I always feed them at the same times and in the same order (Buster first). I also have made sure that they each have spots of their own where they feel safe and secure. It's been almost 5 months and the road has been a little bumpy. They're not fabulous friends but they have an understand of where they stand with each other and I'm sure they will continue to settle. It's hard to be patient though, huh!

Good luck!

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Dragonlady & stephigee,

Thank you!
My husband and I start to think whether bringing GG over here to keep MM company was a bad move. GG was my cat while MM was my husband's. After I got married, I moved to Ohio and just miss GG so terribly. In addition, we feel that both MM and GG would be bored by being the only cat in the house. So, we brought GG over to Ohio to join MM.... I guess we didn't do the preparation well. If I knew it takes as long as a few months for them to get to know each other, I might not have done so... oh well..

Here is the update: last night, MM was in our bedroom. If GG wanted to get in there, MM would growl and hiss to GG. So I had to wake up and comfort GG at 2am... This morning, GG stoped growling but making chatting sounds. MM on the other hand is the one that hiss and growls. I guess it is feedback time.

They are just making our lives very interesting, but in a very tiring way.

Thank you all!

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These kitties will definately change your life for sure! My life hasn't been the same since we got Rocky
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Hello all!!

I thought I owe everyone an update.
Well, all I can say that I have seen great improvement between the two. MM is the one that hisses out of jealousy, whereas GG, though sometimes is afraid, is starting to exploring the new enviornment and making himself comfortable at home.

Just a question though, I started to use the vanilla trick yesterday. I think it works the wonder and ease the anxiety. But should I reapply the extra daily? GG and MM start to smell at each other's tail, but still with a few hisses from MM. However, I think that is a good thing. Dont' you think?

Thank you all for the help. Jean
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Your cats will be fine- if you haven't had to rush them off to the vets bleeding and torn open, I doubt you are going to have much of a problem. Hissing is a more "you are in my space back off" type of reaction- it is common when two cats meet that they hiss. It is their language of defense and earns them respect with each other.

You can go to farnum pet and order a Feliway Comfort Zone room mister, that will help to relax your cats.
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It sounds like GG and MM are going to be fine. Fur hasn't been sent flying and there hasn't been any blood shed.

There was hissing and growling from Russell and Esper when we first introduced them to each other. But after about a week, things started to calm down and they've been best friends ever since.

Even getting up to the same antics together.
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Thanks everyone for the help. I guess GG and MM are getting along with each other better day after day. Although they are not yet sleeping next to each other, a little improvement will make me happy.

Here is a picture which I took yesterday. MM is the one on the right and GG is the one lying on the scratching post to the left.
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Beautiful cats! They look like they will be just fine! Good job!
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Hello all, although there is no blood shed and flying fur in my house yet, there are still some "mysteries" I want to solve. Hopefully someone can shed some light to me...

1. The new cat, GG, makes a lot of noises during the night. At night, he would stand by the front door of my apartment and whines.. Also, he is more nervous than usual. He hides a lot--under the bed, under the sofa, and in the closet. Also he gets distracted by sounds and movement easily. Nevertheless, he does eat and drink, even at the presence of our resident cat, MM. Are these unusual behaviours of GG just due to the fact that he is still new to the enviornment??? FYI, he has been here about 6 days. Should I just leave him alone when he is hiding???? However, one thing happened today to make me happy was that GG started purring again. When he was at his old home, he purred easily when we pet him. During the past few days, he never purred. But he did today!!!

2. MM, the resident cat, would "catch" GG's tail when GG was looking. She also hisses and growls at GG, but the occurance of hissing and growling has been much less than during the first two days. Are "catching the tail" and "hissing and growling" behaviour normal even between cats that have been living with each other for years?

Thank you all for your help and patience. Though I have had cat for 3 years, having 2 cats in the same house is first time to me. I just have hard time to tell what is normal and what is not....

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Catching the tail is a normal kitty game. It seems one wishes to play and the other isn't sure yet. What toys are you using to play with your kitties? A lazer pointer would be good for the two of them to get some play time together. Kitties love to chase the light. A feather wand is also a great toy to get them both attacking the feathers and bonding through play.

GG is most likely just nervous due to a new enviornment. It will take awhile to adjust. Have your folks send an old pillowcase that is used and unwashed. This will give him a familuar scent from home. The feliway spray will also help calm your baby.

I have had my kitties for over 3 years now and we have spats from time to time.
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GG is also probably picking up new sounds outside, cats ears are very sensitive and responding to them by being vocal. It is a typical prey response in cats and usually very prevalent in the wee hours of the morning between 1:00-4:00 a.m. when their companions want to sleep.
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